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My painful experience

Hey guys , right now i am a bit depressed because of fiverr. i invested a lot of money in making gigs but till now i have not received any orders. I thought of working as a full-fledged freelancer and left the job but now i am left with nothing than a mournful memory.
Thank you

You don’t want to quit the job and jump in to the freelancing world, you should keep the job and learn to freelance on the side no need to blame Fiverr for it.


i know do u have any suggestions how to get orders?

Study, read and learn the game.

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but how please help i am new to fiver its been 7 days and all my gigs seems to be well, my price is also cheaper

I’m afraid you will just have to get a new job or get your old job back. If you quit a job to freelance, the chances are you are going to be poverty stricken as soon as your last paycheck runs out.

There is no way around it, sorry.


Sorry this happened to you. Who would have thought that quitting your job to begin a new freelance career could go so wrong? I agree it might be best to find another job to make ends meet.


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