My seller can not take my honest feedback and give me 1 star and comment to me as "illiterate buyer"


I hire this guy to do Photoshop of me IN office space 4 pics for 20 USD he promise me 1 days but took 3 days.

I send him 13 pictures of me, most are taken from dslr camera so he can freely choose.

I was patiently waiting but when I get the work i was shock, because it’s so unreal and shallow work. For this quality I can easily do it from simple app on the phone.

After modify work, it’s still no use so I let go and close the deal.

Then I given him review base on his work, I given average of 2.5 star with comment “You get what you pay for”

After he sees my review he gave me 1 star with comment “illiterate buyer”

Contact him and ask what did I do ? What make me illiterate buyer ?

He reply as ‘you gave me bad quality of pictures’ or ‘because of your negative review’

Then he keep saying “first you change your rating and I will modify mine” and said “why you crawling?” which I clearly told him I can not change that because my review base on the work.

My point of finding out about his comment are 1. I want to know what i did wrong (If something a actually did then I will apology) 2.its for my own good so something like this will not happen again in the future either to me or to anyone around me.

Then after long convo and he can’t given me reason why I am illiterate buyer then he report me.

Pls anyone take a look at the work and tell me if this is worth 2.5 star?
Pls tell me what you think…

I have already contact the support team on this issue. This seller need to know the different between work and personal.



I am glad you contacted Customer Support. As a Buyer you have a right to your opinion and you also have a right to express your opinion in your review.

It is against Fiverr’s TOS for your seller to say:

Did he report you because you sent him many messages asking over and over for a reason he said you were “illiterate”? If you did, then maybe he sees your messages as Spam.

I would not worry about your seller’s review and move on. It sounds like he is trying to manipulate you into giving him a better review. Do not do this.


In the same way the buyer is entitled to leave a review, the seller is also allowed to leave their review of the buyer.

To be honest, after he’d left his tit-for-tat 1 star review of you, as a buyer I’d have left him well alone.

You’ve both given feedback of one another - time to move on I think. It’s been over three weeks and you’ll still bothering about it? Life’s too short.

Good luck with your next purchase! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bad reviews will not affect you as a buyer. so don’t worry.
Regarding his comments about your review, just have a look at my post here to see what will happen to him!


You basically answered your own question. If you gave him 2.5 then what did you expect to get in return?
Move on :wink:


I am curious about what it is you don’t like about that picture? What is unreal and shallow about it?

Four pictures for $5, of which he gets only $4, is about right for what you got, as you said in your review. I agree with the comment below that you got exactly the quality that shows in his other portfolio jobs.

Your review is your own opinion so that part is up to you. Just the same his review is up to him.

It sounds like you also cannot take his feedback so you two are equal in that respect.