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Need help about getting order

I need help to get first order. I struggling hard since last two month,but did not get a order.


@mahibulla To get your first order, you have to do a lot of research and open the gig. Make 7 gigs on different skills. Try to stay online most of the time. Send killer buyer requests. Build your own portfolio. So that you can show the client that you really can do the job. Then if you don’t get the order, you will think there is something wrong with your gig. Always try to improve your gig. If you don’t get an order, delete the old gig, open a new gig and add something new with the old one.
Thank you


These articles may help you .

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Do research and send buyer request. Buyer req will help you better

These are my suggestions/comments for the gigs etc.

Gig: I will background remove cut out image professionally
In all 3 packages “Romove” could be “Remove”

In the profile:
“Thankyou” could be “Thank you”