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Need help from experienced. I don't understand a matter!

Hi there! I’m a new seller on Fiverr. Recently I created a gig about Facebook & Instagram ads management. But I can’t understand whether it’s a good one or not , as I’m new. That’s why I need help from experienced seller. I will be very glad if you visit my gig and suggest me anything.

My gig link:

Thanks, Taufiq


I Already Visited Your GiG Its Looks Like Good, To Ger More Impression Or Order Share Your GiG On Social Media. Thank You, Take Love from My Heart.


Actually in which platform can I share? and would be more effective ?

You can share your gig in social media. as a example, twitter, instagram, linkedin and also you can write a blog in the famous blog site.


Thanks for your opinion! :blush: :blush:

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Yes, @mrrezwan is Right You Can Share Your Gig On Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and also you can write a blog on the famous blog site.
But I Think Linkedin Is More Effective From Other.

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Have you read this yet?


Thanks for sharing this important article with me. I just read out this article & got useful tips…

and it will be my pleasure if you visit my gig and give me some suggestion. Thanks

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You should probably chose a different frame of your video to be the thumbnail.

Please see (CPM) point 5: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide
There’s a bunch of other tips in that thread that can help, too.


So, it will be better if I edit my gig video ?

Don’t know. I haven’t watched the video. I have no reason to click play (and neither do potential buyers).

Thus if you pick a different frame as the thumbnail (go into gig edit, to change this), you’re more likely to entice people to watch the video.

And now I have watched it and I think you should look up the 5/5/5 rule.


ohh! it means I should remove 24/7. This one ?

Yes, you should remove 24/7.


Thanks dear a lot . I will remove it and also change my gig video thumbnail. In fact I didn’t know that I could change my gig thumbnail. You are really great! :blush: :blush:

It’s very useful tips.Thanks for comment here.