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Need to get my first order!

Hello community, I need your help and advices, about how to improve my gig so that i can get my first order.
Please share with me your experiences on how you got your first order on fiver, especially in translation and text writing.
Thank you so much


These articles may help you .

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These are my suggestions/comments:

The gig is in the “resume writing” subcategory but the gig description and gig title never mention resumes. Maybe make sure it’s in the right subcategory.
Also the description is a bit short (less than 1.5 lines), maybe increase it to give a bit more info about the gig.
Maybe check the first gig tag.

In the profile:
“Frensh” could be “French”
“writen and spoken” could be “written and spoken”

Thank you so much for your helpful advices !