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New composer on Fiverr

Hello you guys,

My name is Savio and I’m a 21 year old musician and composer from Hamburg Germany.
I signed up today because many of my friends told me to go to this page to sell my music and make something out of it because I am literally sitting on so much music that needs a purpose and I’m motivated to create new music for special events, for films and such! :heart_eyes:

I have been playing the Oboe since I was 5 Years old and been composing and writing my own music since I’m 15 years old.
I already published a whole Album with my classical music on Spotify called “The Classics”. My Classical Album on Spotify

Now my question is:
How do I get people to recognize me on here, especially if I’m new?

I’d love to hear from you guys!
Tips, tricks and so on!


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Welcome to the Forum.

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Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

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For new sellers, it’ll take some time for you to establish yourself on Fiverr! Keep working hard and make your gigs the best that you can.

Check this post out: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

You’ll find some useful tips there on how to be a successful seller. Good luck!


Welcome to Fiverr! I hope your composing gigs go well; music is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.


Welcome to the community. Good luck for your career in Fiverr!

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Howdy Savio

Selling music is hard. Always has been but getting involved with Spotifry is probably the worst of choices as despite their marketing, their business model has nothing to do with music (for the sake of music or art).

To sell music you either need to sell music-making services like Scoring or if you want to sell existing music, create videos on YouTube that will please the kinds of people who would want to buy your kind of music. Then direct them to your site or at least Bandcamp where your music is available for purchase.

Just understand that the fantasy that people spread around about Billie Eyelash is just that, a fantasy as it didn’t happen that way at all. You need to build a fanbase one person at a time. There is no rational path from making a tune in your room to instant mega plays, hits, stardom etc. It is a slow process. But doable to some degree for anyone who has the passion to do it well.



Welcome to fiverr! Hope you do best in this sector.

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welcome to fiverr forum & enjoy :+1: :+1:

Welcome to Fiverr forum!.. Go Ahead Bro

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Welcome to the Forum. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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grow up your business stay tune.

Welcome to Fiverr, wish you all the best

Welcome to fiverr forum & wish you all the best :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Welcome to the Forum.

Welcome to the Forum.

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