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New function request: Let me accept or reject an order!

As a seller I am having serious issues with managing work flow and quality control on Fiverr as there is no real way to vet an incoming order before it is added to my current orders.

Without the ability to manually accept an order before it is done so automatically is causing me real issues!

Having to cancel an order, penalises the sellers statistics for mistakes that are made by buyers misunderstanding and sometimes not reading a gig correctly.
Or worse, deliberately submitting an order on the cheap and then backing out when asked to pay a reasonable price.

The convenience of a buyer being able to select services and place an order without any manual input from a seller is a great idea, however, often backfires immediately when further negotiation is required while the clock is ticking and price has already been set.

Does anyone know of a way to accept or reject an order before it is done so automatically?

Or is this something that Fiverr has considered or would look at implementing? It is jeopardising my ability as a seller to function and wastes a lot of my time and I am sure i’m not the only one?

Please advise.


If you type “want ability to reject orders” in the search bar above you will find several posts on this much discussed topic which you may find interesting.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes… lot’s of results. A lot of questions but no answers which is a bit worrying.

There are loads of answers.

You won’t get an answer from Fiverr staff, if that’s what you meant, because that’s not what the forum is for.


Just Set Order Limit in your gig. As you can handle your order per day.

That’s useful in certain circumstances but I believe it takes the gig down?

I would like buyers to still be able to place an order.

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So do you wanted to buyer place an order on your gig and they will wait for your approval? Isn’t that feature bad for buyers?

Fiverr have given you tool to manage your order already. Use as per your capabilities to complete order. There is many other sellers on fiverr, Who’s waiting for single order!! :smiley:

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I’m not sure I have explained it very well…

In a nutshell the tools available on Fiverr are not suitable for every type of service provider.

I agree with you. There were similar requests earlier. Since the buyer is the one who brings in money, I guess they get a priority.
But still, I’d like to have an option to reject an order with a button for “Buyers request does not match gig description”.

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I agree, but ts not fair if buyer does not ask if your busy. However there is the ability to put your gigs on ice until your ready for more work

Fiverr has an tools/option to Let the buyer inform “You’re busy”
First Discover the all fiverr tools and use them properly rather than complain about and make new tools for you!!

Why don’t you use that?

This subject has been asked numerous times. I agree, we need this feature. I work on Fiverr as well as another site and THEY (the other site) allows you to accept or reject the project which puts less stress on me. I can decided if I want to work on it or not.