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No Click No impression

I am level two sellers. One month ago, no order came from new buyer. Also, my click and impressions reducing,. And my gig also move to last page…

Can Anyone tell me reason?? Whats going on

Here my GIG


Please anyone Expert here!!1
Waiting for response

Have you read this yet? GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS


Thanks for sharing Important Information!!

Same Problem Facing Now…

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Ohhhhhh…Now what you are doing for to bring gig back in same position??

Check that you gig is active or not. Go to support and check.

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GIG is active bro!!!

Then you can change the category of your gig.

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Thanks for the great suggestion!!

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@chris_ld Share your social media

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There is a lot of Gigs and there must be a chance for everyone. Share your gig social media and other platform

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Thanks you soo much…I wil do!!!

Thank you for great info!!! I will do

Thanks your for everyone for great info!!