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No order from 2017 till now 2020

i am working outside the fiverr but not get any success on fiverr yet ! sent 100 of buyer requests gigs stats are also good but i can’t understand what is happening is it my badluck or something wrong with my profile .


If your gig has no level then I think you should delete your gig and create a new gig again. Then the chance of getting order will increase. It is tough to rank an old gig.


Don’t be frustrated! Work with out hesitation. Success will start one day.


did the same thing 7 days ago i hope will get someting, outside the fiverr also down due to covid19. just hope for good now.

yes i believe on GOD. He will never left me behind just looking for good guidance .

Yeah, patience also a necessary key to success. And also hope for the best. You will get orders soon I think. :slight_smile:


These articles may help you .


Hi Bro
Don’t hapless. Always try to stay active. You must succeed.

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Here is the my honest review:

  1. I wonder what have you done these past three years?
    Three years, and your gigs only have 1 thumbnail? While we can have three thumbnail?
    For Buyer, it looks like you aren’t serious seller.

  2. Again, New Seller same mistake…, NO FAQ Sections

  3. So many grammar mistake. Lower/Big Case Letter. And for me…, your sales letter is very standart, not professional.

  4. Need to improve your gig thumbnail

Wish you luck.


@mrshafaq don’t be hopeless . If you don’t complete the skill test you should complete your skill test first. secondly I think you should create your gig again because long since ago you created your gig and still now you didn’t get any order.

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some people sent 400+ buyer request but not getting first order.

Thanks alot for this precious information.

Thankyou Bro ! i am already doing this Inshallah will be succeed with the help of God and with the help of good helping and supportive people like you.

One of the best review
Thank you for giving your precious time to review my gigs and find my mistakes.
really appreciated !
Thanks again :heart_eyes:

Got it ! Thankyou for your response.

Send buyer request depending on buyer requirements not just being a copycat. Stay online as much as you can cause it will help you to get success

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try to active on fiver and share your ideas in forum .help each other by your reply on forum .send 10 buyer req daily.share your gig hope you’ll do better in fiverr