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No orders I'm New seller


Hello.Last 30 days No orders yet. What do I do?advise me.:frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Take your time to read this


Thanks :grinning::grinning:


Please do not make demands. People will help you if the want to help you. In the meantime, you can find plenty of tips and suggestions already posted here on the Fiverr forums. Please take the time to read those already-posted advice, instead of demanding that other people do things for you.

You have the ability to read the forum, and learn what has already been posted thousands of times.

Well, what have you been doing during those 30 days? Have you been researching your target customers? Figuring out how you can help them? Reaching out and convincing them to hire you?

YOU are going to have to do work to EARN your sales, Sitting back and expecting orders to magically appear without any hard work is a terribly ineffective business strategy.


So I read them. I wanted to get a new thing.thanks




Unfortunately no one is going to be able to tell you anything new that hasn’t already been suggested here on the forum. What have you already read on the forum? I know for a fact that there’s some great advice out there that you could work with. If you have already read that great advice, please let us know what you have already read that wasn’t helpful to you.

Tips for guaranteed instant fiverr fame

New suggestions for nearly INSTANT orders and probably TRS badge:

-Take out a television ad. This works great for companies like Budweiser and is guaranteed to get you multiple $5 sales
-Become a major YouTube influencer (shoot for 5 days) and utilize that platform to drive traffic to your gigs
-Take out bus and park bench advertisements in New York City
-Rent a venue and get a big name (i.e. Lady Gaga) and give tickets away for free. Put your Fiverr profile URL in bold on flyers handed out at the door. Also 100% guaranteed to get you a significant number of $5 sales
-Rent a small plane and do flyovers during football season in the USA - you will most likely get free TV coverage from this as well.

There you go - FIVE brand new tips that have rarely (if ever) been shared on the forum and offer GUARANTEED sales if you follow them precisely.

Tips for guaranteed instant fiverr fame

This. Is getting bookmarked.


I love it! The Best Tips Ever! :rofl:


I see so many of these sad posts and I felt bad that no one has shared anything truly new in ages. I made a referral post and pinned it since I feel generous today. Finally, the true tips are out! :laughing:


See… all these ‘tips’ I keep seeing people post, I always knew you guys were holding back the REALLY useful stuff for yourselves! :wink:


Really Thanks you,It’s new way for getting orders


Depends how far in debt you’re willing to go to get orders.


kindy share you gig URL with social media websites,forum and blogs and most important sharing website like Quora and Worrier forum