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No username or gig found in search

I am new on Fiverr and I have one gig on my profile. I have asked other people to find me through my username but my username or my gig can’t be found on search. Please help me out


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I didn’t get any solution so I thought my request wasn’t completely clear.

You will have to wait for more replies on your other post.

Okay, please if you can reply there or bring anyone who can reply I’ll be very thankful. I can’t find a solution for my problem

Try linking the gig or your profile in section of forum Check my gig, or something like that. Improve my gig… and we will see does the link work.

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In the search bar, you can search for usernames. You can search by gig header and key words. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay, I’ll do it. Thank you very much for your response.

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I did it. I searched by username and the words used in my gigs but no results are found.

Its fiverr bug … it will fixed soon

I have replied in your other topic that your account is active. As it is under the category Improve My Gig you can add the link there.

I just saw your profile and your gig. It’s right there. It helps if you know how to search for your username.

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Okay. Thank you very much for your response