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Noobie needs help

I have not had a job (1offer, not good) since posting my gig. Is this a good place to get critiqued for improvement? I would like to know why I’m not getting any traction. thanks to everyone! (


You have opened a gig in your account. If you open seven gigs, you are more likely to get a job.

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I am not an expert when it comes to VO, but I think you have a great voice and a great video, @vincentx695. I have added your gig to my favorites for future reference. :slight_smile:

However, to improve your gig, I think you should think about using your gig description more effectively. The description is the place where you can convince the buyer to order from you and not the thousands of other sellers in your category. Use it to your advantage!

Also, I don’t think it is necessary to mention that you are new to VO. Talk about your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Since your pricing is relatively low at the moment (which can be a great strength for you as a new seller), I will suggest that you make this clear in your thumbnail. You can add some text next to you in the video to use it as a thumbnail. It could say: “VOICE OVER! 300 WORDS FOR ONLY $5!” or something to that effect. Make it catchy! This will make your great pricing clear to the buyers before they even click on your gig!

Yes, you are statistically more likely to get an order if you have more gigs, but you should not create seven gigs just to have seven gigs. You need to be able to deliver every gig you offer at a professional level. Having seven gigs is not going to help you if six of them are not up to par.


Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to help. I really appreciate your critique and will use that to improve my gig. Would you say open seven gigs does that mean I can have several different profiles? I’m sorry, I’m just not clear about that. Point well taken about saying that I’m new, I just felt more honest because anybody could see that I have no orders and no jobs. But what you said makes sense.

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I think he means 7 gigs not profiles. Fiverr doesn’t allow us to have more than one profile, and the number of gigs allowed depends on your level. The advise to have multiple gigs is probably a good one. I can’t say from experience as I have only had one gig on here for the last I don’t know how many years.I listened to your demo, and you have a very nice voice and delivery. I think there were three or four separate samples on there, and I like all but the first one, and frankly most prominent as the listener needs to get past that one to hear the rest. I felt the music bed obscured your voice too much in the first sample. All in all though you have a good gig and a generous offer. It may just be a matter of time. Business spending is low right now due to the covid, and there are alot of freelancers looking for what little work there is. Things will get better. Hang in there. Master your craft, and knock it out of the park when you get you’re crack at it.


You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account if that is what you mean by profiles.

Suggest you just concentrate on your current gig.

You can also take a look at other gigs in your category to see how many gigs other sellers have. I had a quick look and most senior sellers only had one gig.

This 7 gig thing is not suitable for everyone.

Take on board the excellent advice offered by @vibronx

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Welcome to the community. From a voice over artist to another: I wish you all the best to your business. :four_leaf_clover:

Regarding your request here are a few considerations that may help you to get orders sonner.

  • Skills (at your profile): Try to use as many related tags accordingly to the services that you sell. You are only using two.
  • "About this GIG" section: I would recommend you to be very clear about what is included or not at your GIG. Even if you have your prices set to Commercial Rights and Full Broadcast Rights detailed bellow, accordingly to my experience, buyers tend to demand additional services even if that’s not described. If you make it clear you can avoid several unpleasant situations.
  • Another Tip: Have a look at this How not to be affected by canceled orders?

thanks James, Great advice. Do you think if I lowered the music bed in the first it would work? Or should I move that to third from first? I figured the same about COVID affecting gigs, I lost my job as well. I have always wanted to do this but I didn’t have a clue until TikTok believe it or not. I appreciate your positive words.

You’ve only used 2 tags for the gig. Some more related to the gig might help.

The URL for your gig (good-variety-of-songs…) is quite different to the gig title (which is about voice over). That might not be helping. The only way to change the URL is to create a new gig.

Maybe the $50 for commercial rights is slightly high, especially for a new gig.

Responding faster than 8 hours avg might help with orders.


Hey there! As @vibronx , you have a great voice. Can I recommend that you re-upload your demo reel with the music just a tad lower? I thought it was a little distracting from your excellent VO :slight_smile:


So your voice is awesome. To me, as a non-american, it sounds pretty good and you should be able to get orders :slight_smile:
I would work on

GIG Description: Use a the characters fiverr allows you to use. Have a look at top booked sellers in your niche and look how they are doing their descriptions. Dont just copy, obvisiouly.

Try to put some words on you gigs image on what your doing. Professionall male voice or something along that lines.

Try to make a video explaining your gig. Especially in voice over it is important and its anothers portfolio sample, too.

Your title should be changed too. Use Keywords in title. Something like “male aged us voice over”

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I know nothing about VO, but yours sounds great!

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In addition to what @uk1000 advised:

Check this out:

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Hey Man, sorry about the job loss. Such a difficult time. I don’t think you should rearrange the order necessarily, and lowering the bed will help. I have a little trick I can share with you to make the vo punch through the music. It basically involves figuring out the prominent frequency ranges of your vo, and backing those frequencies out of the music bed. That way your vo fits in nicely and the bed isn’t competing with it. If you want to message me with your vo file and music track for that first cut, I’d be happy to mix it for you so you can hear what I mean. Also, this video does a good job of explaining what I mean.


thank you, I thought I would be able to change that after I created the URL but no. Also tried adding more tags but it won’t save them. So I will follow your advice and do a new one. much appreciated


That makes complete sense. I actually have the tools to do that. Waves Plug ins and AcidPro. lots of EQ’s and compressors. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
much appreciated!

thanks very much, I appreciate your input. very helpful

Thank you Gwyneth, I appreciate your critique and I think you are dead on. I
will fix that ASAP. It was my first and I will keep learning.

Thanks very much, I am seriously impressed as to how many people are willing to help here on Fiverr. There are some good people out there. Thanks to everyone!


Hi Vincent, welcome to Fiverr! You have a great vocal tone and inflection! I would concur that the music track is slightly too overpowering in your first demo sample. I think I also noticed the sound of a page turning at the 1 minute mark, but that is such a minor thing, I think most won’t even notice.

My main suggestion would be to (if possible) produce a longer gig video which highlights your warm, mature vocal tone, very generous price per word, and offering of two revisions. Your current video is very brief and does not showcase the strengths of your gig. Also in your video, the ambient noise is fairly noticeable. I am unsure if the audio was recorded too hot or if the noise floor was boosted in post.