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Not getting a single order!tried every possible way!

Hello everyone,
I’m not getting any orders. Tried advertising in google+,twitter,facebook and reddit. But all in vain. Getting some views but no order still. Please help me out!


If you want to get more orders and get through the sales slump, please Read the UpYour posts written by one of the Forum Moderators.

It contains invaluable strategies, techniques, advice & tips to give you a proper head start.

P.S. you can also use the Buyers Requests page to submit offers to various requests made by buyers.


Thanks for your reply. I use my 10buyer requests daily. And try to post the first request. I read that forum posts. I tried marketing in social media.Getting views and clicks but no orders. Can you help me checking my gigs and profile if they are proper or not?

Read carefully. you may get help from here. very effective Tips:


Thanks for you tips dear.
I followed every step you told. Uploaded professional looking images, strong title, informative description, most searched keyword tags. Although I didn’t uploaded any video but I don’t think it’s mandatory! I was active all the time and daily completed 10 buyer requests. But still there’s no way out!

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Video isn’t mandatory (yet?), but it’s been shown countless times before that videos have an impact on sales as many buyers prefer gigs with videos, either of the seller presenting their service, or a portfolio presenting their work, or something catchy and unique to make people buy.

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Yeah, I respect your advise. I’m interested in uploading a portfolio presenting my service. Will you check my gig and sugest me about that cause I never tried that before. Also sugestion about editing the gig is appriciated if needed.

Hi hsakib,

I checked out your market research gig, and I’ve got a few suggestions. Please understand that I mean these to be helpful, not hypercritical!

  1. Narrow your focus waaaay down. Your list of potential research services is very broad. I recommend picking a single item on your list- or not on your list!- and then describe how you will fulfill this service.

Using your “Hotels and Hostels Research” as an example, you could offer buyers a list of available hotels, motels, b&b’s, and hostels in the area they are interested in and include details about pricing, amenities, distance to the area’s attractions, pet-friendliness, etc. Obviously, I have no idea if that example describes a need buyers might have (after all, they can use sites like Travelocity or Hotwire or whatever for free).

My point is, you need to explain to your potential buyers exactly what kind of information they’ll be getting for their money.

  1. If buyers can use Fiverr, it’s safe to say they can use Google. You want your gig to clearly show that you will save them time and energy.

In your gig description, you offer to find:

Company name
Address (street Address, City, State, Zip code)
Contact Name:- CEO / Decision Maker
Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Linked-In / Google+

Come on, hsakib. You can do better than that.

  1. Your prices are based on the amount of time you will spend working/researching. How will you prove to your buyers that they are actually getting that much of your undivided attention? You should either explain that in your description OR (and I’m in favor of this one) base your prices on the amount of research you are able to deliver.

Hang in there, hsakib! Thinking like a buyer will help your gig description-writing process a lot.

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face:


Change the gig title gig description and tag.
may be most of the buyer are not getting what they want from your gig.
try to understand the buyer need.
it may works.

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Thanks for your advise.I will be working on it and hope for getting orders. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your valuable advise :slight_smile:

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