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Not getting any order! What's wrong?!

Hello my fellow fiverr sellers,

I am sky lantern and new to fiverr.
This is my profile link :

I am here on fiverr for 40days.
As you can see, I have only 1 gig ATM. Few days before, I was getting orders everyday,(I was so happy!)my gig views were 36/25 etc, conversion 25%
All of a sudden, my gig views dropped at 8-16 and absolutely no new order from past few days.
What is wrong,can you all please help?
I want to edit my gig, can I do that? may be change some tags, descriptions etc.
WIll that help?

Thank you in advance.

Sky Lantern.


I can see you have an order in the queue now. Did you work out what had happened?

Yes, I have 1 order going on right now. This is a long project, so it will take a bit time to complete. Due in 5days. Apart from that, no order at all.

And I got this order last week., when my order flow was fine.

Have you searched for your search term to see where you are in the rankings?

Yes, I am on the first page,but last week I was on the first row, now I am on the middle row or last row something. WHy that happened, can you tell me?

Algorithms are dynamic. They are set to make changes under certain conditions. This means that your ranking doesn’t stay the same. It could be set to change the order after a certain period or put new sellers at the top, rank based on current market demands, etc. There are loads of factors.

Just because your position changed, that doesn’t mean something is wrong with your gig or the system. Your performance is only one of many factors, most of which you have no control over.


I know that my own gig jumps around daily, it’s normal for your gig to move around as other gigs get more sales and more view and their gig jumps and yours might slip until you get a couple sales and your conversion will be higher and then you will be boosted and they will drop below you and the world keeps turning.

Ultimately I think we can work hard to get on the first page but you will always move up and down as things change. Same on all websites.


algorithms are dynamic, this is right, and probably random enough to ensure many have opportunities, otherwise only the top would Always get orders. Anyway, if you are a talented professional with many followers, whatever the dynamic changes in the rankings, in the end, you’ll Always have customers and orders.


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thank you so much! finally something useful :grinning: