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Not getting any orders :( since 4 months


dnt know why but am not getting any order and its been 4-5 months i barely got any order except the one or two i got from buyers request.
dnt know if the fiverr is over crowded now or i am invisible.
can anyone help? :expressionless:


Brother Share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :+1::100::+1::100::+1::100::+1::100:


its the better you can do

pd: i dont get orders sice we born, so, dont worry about it xD…


thats sad nowadays its so overcrowded


xD yup…

dats the word for fiverr description


You can check out my latest post in how to boost your gig and get new orders . Maybe it will help you out!


You’re probably invisible. You can change this by marketing and promoting your gig. Sitting back and expecting to “get orders” without any work is a terrible business strategy – and usually one that fails miserably.

Fiverr’s brand tagline encourages people to take action and do things. What are you DOING to build YOUR success?


currently i am sharing on Twitter and facebook both but not so many time just 3 4 time a week


I see. If these places aren’t working for you, then find other places to market your gig. :wink:


haha like which one ??


Hint - you produce video ads. Which social networks work well with video ads? :wink:


Like, you’ll have to, like, figure that out on your own.

Where are your target customers located? Figure that out, and market there.


yeah thats a nice idea


yeah i am going to find them out :wink:


Your wink seems to suggest otherwise. But I’ll trust your words. You’re going to work hard on a daily basis, and you’re going to earn your success. That’s the spirit!


haha no am going to work really hard for this


Hi ebbykhan, I checked your gig and it’s really low which is a good start because first you kind of lose until you get enough reviews then raise your price to what your time worth.

Now, just so you know it took me a little over a year for people to start ordering my gigs, so make sure you have other income and don’t just count on Fiverr, at least not just yet.

I also suggest adding more than one gig, so people have more options to chose from and list the one you charge more on a different gig.

You can share on social media but this does not guarantee you will get more gigs, also for some people, they have a spiritual blockage, like poverty consciousness that creates a spiritual block no matter what you do, therefore cleansing is recommended and can be really rewarding.

You can also go to your dashboard, go to selling on the top left corner, and scroll down to “buyers requests”, and send your offer to help the ones who are seeking for help in the area of your expertise.

If I can be any further help to you, feel free to message me.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


If you will find help if you use the little :mag: at the top right-hand corner for help. Here is an example of what is there. Good luck.


thanks alot you saying i should lower my rate?


I am also a new one here… Still trying everyday…