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Not Getting Any Orders.. :(

I am new to Fiverr and posted upto 6 gigs just four days ago. I did the best I could to make them appealing and also promoted them on social medias. I have been very hopeful about them but I am still getting no orders. :frowning_face: Besides the recent bug is showing ‘N/A’ on all of my gig statistics and I that’s why I have no idea what’s happening to them.
These are some of my gigs, it would be really helpful if you give them a glance and give any sort of ideas about how long it would actually to take for me to start getting some orders. Thanks. :frowning:


I’m waiting for the first order since last 2.5 months


slow and steady wins the race


improve your gigs by
dont copy paste anything from others
give an perfect images
keep promoting

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Hey sachingurjar11 and marufahmed777 I’ve been freelancing on for over fiverr 2yrs without much result. Made friends with a lot of top sellers and pro verified. I was happy here. I have been dealing with a 60hr+ work week, chargebacks, overhead, low profit margins and other unforeseen circumstances that comes with the job. I took break and create another online business, elevated my income and now I’m free. Here’s some tips the pros shared if you want on survive on fiverr.

  1. You might want to have a low response rate say an hr maximum
  2. You might want to send progress versions of the work… you know just let them know your doing right by them.

3.You might want to delivery on time

  1. You might want to over-delivery (clients appreciates this must of all)
  2. You will have do a few revisions

Simple things of that nature . Glad I could help and if you want to know how I elevated my income your welcome to inbox me

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That’s the answer. It’s just 4 days, be patient and give it time :slight_smile:

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thanks for your information… i Really appreciate

Hi there! You can read this and see if anything can help you improve and get your first order soon. All the best :slight_smile:

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i saw your post and it’s good for information thanks.

Hi Marufahmed, You should not be sad. Some times it takes time to get first order. I got my first order after 14-16 days.

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kepp patience :slightly_smiling_face:you will get order

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