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Pending Orders Not showing Up in Dashboard, problem continue for me

Hey Guys,
I am still MISSING some pending Orders in my Dashboard, I have currently 7 pending Orders but two of them are not showing up in the Dashboard. Please Give me your feedback, is this issue still continue on your side Or it’s only me?

I also facing the same issue. Hope it will be fix soon.

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@msrsuvo Hopefully :frowning:

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Yah, did you contact with support?

Yeah, they said we refreshed your account and the problem should be fine Now.
It did not worked for me.

Same problem here for me too. It’s getting hard to keep track of what orders is due first.

Ok, wait. It will be fix soon.

there is a pin post :slight_smile: You can continue your conversation there

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It’s an issue. Many of us including myself are experiencing this glitch.

Please refer to @wp_kid post :arrow_up:

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The issue was solve now you can check it that, now it will showing the order.

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yes same here. Already fixed :slight_smile:

Its already fixed. If you sttill face the problem then can contact with support.