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Please I need advice its really important


my fiverr account was hacked yesterday and i have been trying to contact customer services with no avail. all the complains is marked as Solved. i really want to know what the Solved stand for, because my problems havent been solved and my money has not been refunded. so please help me on the issue, its a total nightmare about 400 Euros has been stollen from my paypal account.


You posted about this earlier and were given help.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Only Customer Support can help you with this.


i understand but wanted to know what the Solved stands for i have never had such problem before so what should i do when they arent doing anything to help me. as anew cummer, i just wanted to know why a Complain can be marked as Solved when it isnt


It was also answered in the first topic you posted. Because you kept creating new tickets on the same topic, thus clogging up the system, slowing down things for everyone, and creating a mess. Basically, they’re trying to clean up the mess that you have created.

Keep in mind that they need time to look into things, and also, keep in mind that CS can (and sometimes does) block people who spam them by creating multiple tickets on the same topic.

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Please don’t create multiple thread on same topic.
Urgent Please i need help.