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Please solve this major problems

i have buyers that left me 1 star review.
the problem is i didn’t open my account for a few days

and the order comes like a flood
buyer order without let us know first in message

please fiverr could you add an option to us
to ACCEPT or NOT ACCEPTING an order?!


Buyers don’t have to send you a message before they order - they just order, and then you complete the task.

You’ve been a seller since 2015 - you surely know to check your account regularly?

If you missed a notification for an order, I’m not sure that a message instead would have helped to be honest - you might have missed that as well.

The accept/reject button discussion has been around a lot:


thanks, we need this

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They did not leave 1 star, orders were canceled, and the system automatically included 1-star reviews. Use vacation mode if you are unable to work. :neutral_face:


Vacation mode is very handy when you know you will be away and clients will be informed and can still order, so use it.

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In the future, if you decide to go offline for an extended period of time. Use the offline feature.



I’m confused about the offline feature. I’m not sure what that does aside from hide the green button to notify people you are online. It hides your gigs from the online search also.

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Considering what’s written, it seems as though you can have your gigs disabled from the search engine though I’m not sure what pausing or vacation mode is about. (Or what’s the benfits/purpose of having all Three?)

I’m just as confused about this feature as you :wink:


the best suggestion, we really need this option

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thanks buddy, hope it helps

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if you don`t want to accept any order please use the vacation mode it will hide your profile and gigs also .


You receive an e-mail when someone places an order. Everybody on the planet checks his/her e-mail.


As I think Pause the GIG or turn on Vocation mode is the best when you leave…

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The most easy way to get notifications of each order and message is Fiverr Mobile app. I am using it from 1 and half year. i never missed any order. even your response rate also will increase.


Buyer can’t give you review unless you deliver something. [quote=“omjhody, post:1, topic:149327”]
i didn’t open my account for a few days

If you didn’t even open your account then it means someone else opened it and then delivery?

It’s okay for buyer to order directly without message.

I didn’t know that. Buyer usually does that. They leave and come back week or two but seller usually login everyday and now he must.

It hides your gigs from the online search also.

Actually, it doesn’t. Ever since they implemented it, I’ve always been shown as offline. I don’t like showing myself online here, with so much work going on and the fact that I check on orders when I’m at break at work. My gigs, which have now recovered from the algorithm debacle, remain visible on the first pages.


yes we need this option please

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Yes, getting an option like this will be helpful for both of the buyers (so their times don’t get wasted) and the sellers.

I used to also get a flood of buyers initially that helped me to become level 1 in just my first month.
I was very unhappy.

Then I did the real magic… I put my account on vacation mode for 9 months.

Result: My gigs are a silent hill and I am at peace now