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PleaseSuggest me to improve my Gigs and getting orders

I didn’t get any order still. Please suggest some tips to improve my Gigs…for getting order

You may find these articles helpful:


Very useful article. Thank you somuch

Very helpful! Thank you so much…

These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will do any type of data entry work proffesionally
In the gig title:
“proffesionally” should be “professionally”

Gig: I will collect emails from any websites for your business
In the gig description:
“for a professional scraper and Needs to Scrap email” should be “for a professional scraper and need to scrape email”

Gig: I will provide proffessional resume and cover letter
In the gig title:
“Proffessional” should be “Professional”

really helpful,thank you very much

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions. Iam very thankful to you for rectifying errors in my gigs…

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