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Please help me today my account again and again want to log in. but why?


Have you tried clearing your browser cache? This happens to me when the cache hasn’t been cleared in a long while. And have you tried using another browser?

Also, maybe you’re using different IPs every time you open Fiverr?


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Okay… This topic started about something entirely different - how come the subject has changed so dramatically in just a couple of posts? :smiley:


Thanks for your reply


***** NEED HELP *****

Today I send a dispute to my client. It was related to a feedback issue. My client gave me a 5 star rating with a nice feedback. Thing is I want to change my feedback. Instead of writing excellent buyer I wrote excellent seller :disappointed:

S it was my mistake and now I want to fix it.
Now can someone please tell me how can I do that.

I already withdrawn the dispute but will client be able to see the dispute ?
I don’t want my client to see it.


If you go to your order page, and scroll down to your review, there’s a pencil and it says ‘Modify Your Review’ in green.

Click that, and you’ll be able to change your review. No need for a dispute or anything like that! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I already fixed it. But is there any way to hide the dispute ???

I don’t want my client to see it.
Though I already have withdrawn the dispute.


If you’ve withdrawn the dispute, there shouldn’t be a problem - if your buyer contacts you, just explain it was your mistake, and you’re very sorry! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best!! :+1: