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Scam order as donation

What is the purpose of orders like this?
Do you have any experience?

Maybe someone is giving you a tip?


No friend. I didn’t do anything for this buyer and also He is new buyer from 2018 Feb.

A new account of an old buyer?

Or just someone who wants to be nice?

If you’re worried that it might be a competitor who’s going to cancel the order at a later point, or that this is some kind of fraud, contact Customer Support, tell them all about it (with screenshots), and ask them for advice.


i think this buyer is going to leave me negative feedback. However I told it to CS and waiting for their response.

You are doing a Great Job! Take the donation and thank the buyer for his generosity. How much was the donation by the way?

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We have discussed about that a few days ago. Some nice and generous buyers give tips even if you never worked for them.
Now you must deliver an empty order… You could send him a beautiful picture of your country with a thank you message.


Just $5. How I could trust him? He is new buyer from 2018 Feb

in my country i saw most them order for $5 and give negative reviews, this is now like a game, cant stay with high rating,

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I think this new user is just checking how the ordering system works for a buyer. (my optimistic thought :sunglasses:)

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I would report this to Fiverr - I find it suspicious and if it happened to me I would contact CS for guidance.


That is my whole point. Everyone should be proud of themselves and his or her country.

When I taught I was only friends with former students. Now that I have retired my former students are in high school and beyond. I like to keep track of their lives. Okay, I am suppose to PM yoou if we want to talk anymore.

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