Seller posing as Buyer


I am a new seller, as I just signed onto this platform as a seller days ago. My very first customer sent me his/her request to have a MS Excel workbook developed for them. The example file they sent me, was for a Real Estate Investment firm. I reviewed the file, and knew that I could make it work for them. I paid more attention to WHO this customer was, than I did with the file. After reading the message from the customer, I noticed a logo, and on their logo was the name of a “supposed” business.

So being the research wiz I am, I decided to go to Google to see if I could find this company name and logo. To much surprise, I found the exact same logo and company. This so called company, which was supposed to be a Real Estate Company, was actually an Ecommerce site selling odds and ends.

So with the thinking cap on, my first assumption I arrived to, was that another seller was posing as a buyer, and they contacted me to do the work, so they in turn could sell to their customer at a higher price.

Why would a Real Estate Investment firm be running an Ecommerce store selling Ali-Express products? Doesn’t make sense, thus the reason for my assumption. Does this exist on this platform? Where a seller can pose as a buyer, only to have you do the work, so they in turn can sell at a higher price?? Thanks for any input.


We’re all buyers as well as sellers. :sunny:

That’s outsourcing and completely legitimate on Fiverr and anywhere else. They could be getting work done for a friend, family member etc.

Not sure why you’re spending time to do research on paying clients - bit stalkerish perhaps? Are you planning to do this for all your orders? :wink:


No, I am not, and if you read a bit more on the forum before coming to conclusions like that then you’d know that’s not the case. :wink:

Outsourcing, selling on at a higher price etc. is the basis of every economy. What your buyer chooses to do with their (not your) work is entirely up to them. Once they’ve paid you, you have no rights over it at all.

From the ToS:
Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page.

You can’t choose your buyers on Fiverr - they come to you and purchase, you deliver - that’s it. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you type “outsourcing on Fiverr” in the search bar above there are lots of posts on the subject which may be helpful to you. As @offlinehelpers pointed out suggest you check the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


So I’m sad, immature and insecure - that’s quite a catalogue.

I do hope you speak to Fiverr CS in a nicer way. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:


That’s not even relevant. How about if that other firm BUYS your design from you, quite different. By the way, just so you know, You don’t need to be arrogant to get your point across, what is it with engineers not having social skills?


You do know that the milk you had on your breakfast today passed ownership at least 5 times before it got to you right? It’s called business, and it is a pretty popular concept I have heard.


It’s apparent that you are not a regular user of this forum. If you were you would know that @offlinehelpers is a well-respected seller here. She’s one of the sweetest, helpful, patient person in this Community.

Your snide remarks are not necessary at all! :rage:

I suggest you read the Community Rules and Guidelines. :anchor:


If they pay, they are buyers.

Whether you want to work for/with them or not, is another question. You can try to avoid it by posting it all over your profile and gig description.
I assume, though, that will result in the ok resellers not ordering from you, while it won´t deter the ones that really are a chore to work for/with.


As a newish seller on Fiverr, I know my work is being bought low and sold for more by some of my clients. The fact is they have the resources to find the buyers for my work whereas I do not. Did you not read the Terms of Service of Fiverr when you signed up for Fiverr? If you had you would not be surprised by what happened to you.

In addition, I am shocked by how you talked to a person who was giving you the information you appeared not to have and was, in essence, trying to help you. As @nikavoice said @offlinehelpers is a well-respected seller and she is also very knowledgeable about how Fiverr works. I bet she could be a Customer Service employee.

Please come back and post your reply from CS. I would be interested to read it.


Well call me old school, but I will not accept the fact that you people (respected or not), can just sit there and act like professionals in what you do, and all you do is sell work done by others. Example: I am a well known Web Designer, and have completed thousands of websites for companies like Google. I will earn your money! Buyer: Wow, this person sounds great! Think I will give them a shot. Then you just go to another seller, buy their work at your budget price, and wala, you made easy money, without even a drop of sweat.

Good honest work, for sure! If this is all okay with you naysayers, then why don’t you at least be honest and tell your customers that you really have no clue what they are asking for, but you will find someone that does? If someone out there has their life on the edge, and they really need someone to totally understand their needs, as it is entirely important to their survival, it sure pays to be honest with them, or at least those are my own morals. You are simply brokering their needs, and Fiverr (TOS or not), doesn’t market that concept well at all. You think the buyer will actually think they are “not” using your brokerage service? I learned who the real buyer was, and I have warned them. A matter of fact, I will warn many on a YouTube campaign. I am sure you all believe you are doing right, because Fiverr says it’s okay. Hell, in just two minutes, I pulled up hundreds of the exact same complaints, some on this board. So I guess I am not the only “honest” God serving creature out there after all. :smile:


Your example seems to be about lying which is completely different to what anyone on this thread is talking about. However, if I do a deal to supply you with a website, then I have supplied you a website and can say that I am the one who made the colarguns,org website, regardless of whether my actual involvement in the project was just the front-end dealing with you.

Sweat is over-rated by some people. I used to make money with sweat, now I use intellect, organization and outstanding customer service which results in my clients not having to sweat either.

After over a thousand orders, I have not yet had one which was a “life and death” situation, but I do see why you put it in such extreme terms - you think it makes your case for you, but it actually does the opposite. It seems nonsensical to speak in such terms in relation to what is being spoken about which makes your whole comment seem less that sensible.

I think you mean that you are not the only one who has no concept of how most businesses work. As for trying to claim to be one of few honest “God serving” people - grow up.

I would not say you are being old school, I would say you are being naive.


I would rather call you:

  1. Not able to read the simple terms of a web community and abide by them.
  2. Naive about how the world (and business) works.
  3. Overly impressed with yourself.
  4. Rude when it is not necessary.

This is not Old School, but more like kindergarten. If you hate it here that much, you don’t have to stay. But seriously, how can you be such a snowflake at your age?


Some of us are buyers some of us are sellers. I am a buyer because I hired fellow Fiverr sellers to create my gig and profile photos among other things. I do not resell those pictures but if I wanted to, I could.

I am a seller because I proofread documents for buyers and I also write for them. Like my farming ancestors before me, I sell a product. My father raised and harvested grains that he then sold to the elevator, they shipped it out via train to grain mills which made flour. Once the flour was made, it was shipped to factories that made bread. Then the bread was sent to the grocery store to sell to people for their dinners. My dad never complained that the grain he worked hard to grow and harvest was being sold and resold. Once he sold the grain, it was not his anymore. Once I write an article for someone, and they pay me for it then it is not mine anymore. The person who buys it can resell or even burn it if they want to. That is how our economy works.


Be prepared to have your account shut down. Just as any other business, Fiverr demands confidentiality between seller and buyer, which you have obviously broken, and publically admitted to. Would any potential buyer trust you now? :wink:

None of us who have commented here resell other users’ work - you’ve wrongly assumed that part. If others choose to resell our work, then that’s fine within Fiverr’s ToS, and fine with us as sellers.

Good luck with your business - it obviously won’t be on Fiverr. :sunny:

BTW - the names you called me? No way to speak to a lady who’s of a similar age to you - I’d have expected better from a retired Marine.


Yeah, thanks for accusing the people who bothered to reply to your question and share their experience of how things are here with a new person.
FYI, I regularly get people actively messaging me and offering to do my work for less than I take so I don’t have to do it and still could profit and tell them no, that I won’t, because my clients rely on me doing their work and many of us do all their jobs themselves.
(If, on the other hand, I’d decide to use my experience and knowledge to act as an intermediary and to pick the people who can really do a good job and resell their work, and I made this clear in my profile/to clients, I can’t see anything wrong with that either. I don’t, because I like my actual work and I’m a perfectionist too, but that’s a question of personality, not of morality).

Then there are people who openly act as resellers too, their profiles already say “We…”, some get so many orders they can’t do them and have found teams, or outsource,
then again others operate as a team or an agency of sorts from the get-go.

Then there are resellers who you won’t ever notice are resellers unless you play detective and the project lends itself to it, because they resell elsewhere than on Fiverr.

Then there are people who resell other Fiverr sellers’ work on Fiverr and if you’re not happy to work with them, you’re free to decline to work with them or cancel their orders or, as I suggested before, put it into your profile to ideally not have them contact or order from you in the first place.

We are all individuals here, kindly don’t make too many assumptions about people who you don’t know and who wanted to help you out by replying to your post.