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Sellers- Please check for this bug


It seems that there is or has been a bug which means some orders do not appear on the dashboard and so you may not be aware of them. Please check in the manage orders section to see if you have been affected.
This was first reported in this post but we are aware it has happened to a wider number of people. Fiverr is aware of the issue and it may have been fixed but you could still be affected.

If you have been affected and have had an order go late or cancelled due to being late, contact customer support and explain what happened.

Orders Completed Rate won't Impact your Gig ! Are you serious Fiverr?



Fiverr’s Bug Track Record as of Feb 2017

  • dashboard bug (as described)
  • payment bug (payment seemingly doesn’t go through, but it does)
  • messages bug (disappearing messages fun and games)
  • BR bug (blank with no option to file a BR–and the more irritating human bugs which ought to be squashed)
  • notification bug (notifications from last week show up instead of the latest ones)
  • forum bug (fixed by getting new forum software: again, some human bugs etc.)

Is there any part of the site that isn’t constantly falling over in a buggy mess? Also, I note that the conversion rate has disappeared from analytics, which I consider to be a bug.

EDIT: the website has now collapsed and is having a tea break with impeccable timing.


I have a bug where it thinks that my buyer has not been online for 47 years.


:smiley: I would love to see the screenshot. :smiley:


Conversion can now be found on My Gigs page…


I kind of preferred having the number on a page I visit more often. I rarely go and look at My Gigs, although I suppose there’s plenty of useful information there. Another complaint (I am British…) is that I also miss the orders delivered graph. I mean I know it’s still there, I just liked the old one better. More moans as I come up with them…


You can still see the old one, it’s just not linked anymore.

Go to your new analytics page, replace the seller_analytics_dashboard in the URL with sales_dashboard and Bob’s your uncle!


i also have a bug. in my dash board its showing there is a order in queue but but its not showing in sales page i cannot able to find which order is that and i almost completed the all orders


Dear Lorna:

This did not work for me.

Why would I replace seller_analytics_dashboard with the same phrase?

Thank you,


I have been affected by this indeed. Two days ago, I randomly checked the ‘Manage Sales’ page and, boom, a wild, hidden order suddenly appears. I handled it just in time, though.


Sorry Blaise - replace it with sales_dashboard


Has anyone else noticed that in messages the time runs backwards?

For instance it will say a message was at 1:00

Next message was at 12:50

Next message was at 12:48

Latest message was at 12:40


The curious messages of Benjamin Button.


I don´t have any of those bugs, is that a bug?


Disappearing messages has been around for a while though, certainly since I’ve been on here. I dunno (fingers crossed) that I’ve experienced the others (yet).


Most of these bugs are intermittent, @miiila, it’s fun. Who doesn’t love surprises? I’m more surprised that some people don’t check their manage orders every day myself.

@offlinehelpers thanks, that works. New moan: how come when I was getting like no orders, my conversion rate was higher? Now I’m getting more orders, it’s gone down! Only by 0.1%, but still.


When I deliver an order the messages on the order page disappear, so the buyer then messages me that they didn’t get the complete delivery.


People message me they tried to place an order but they get an error message.