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Stopped getting order after cancel a order

I got my first order by sending buyer request. After completing 5 orders I opened “Available Now”. Then I got many orders. But When I canceled a order my selling became stopped. Now it has been 1 month without order. Now tell me what can I do.

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There are no “curses” on Fiverr. If your desired level of sales has dropped, then get out into the world/internet and start marketing and promoting your gigs to the people who need your services. Fiverr is not responsible for giving you orders, it is YOUR responsibility to earn them.

What actions are you taking to earn your customers?

Read these helpful UPYOUR posts. You’ll learn something new!
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This post is written about first orders, but it’s got some really good advice for jump-starting a slow period as well. Most sellers have slow times, they are normal. The links that @nikavoice provided above are excellent and I suggest those first, but if you need more, check this out:


Can you tell me where I should market my services? I use to market my services in twitter and google+. But I am not getting any good results by this.

You create flyers, brochures etc.

Think to yourself ‘What type of businesses buy these from me? Where can I find more businesses just like these?’. :sunny:

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Well, where are your target customers located? Where would you find the people that need your services? Do some market research to figure these things out, and you will know exactly where to promote your gigs.

YOU need to do this research. YOU are the businessman running your gigs. YOU are responsible for your own success. Do what you need to do, instead of asking other people to do it for you.

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