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Struggling getting 1st order

i am trying at fiverr for the last 30 days
but still struggling to get 1st orders.

any suggestions from experts?

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Best to follow this: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

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Dear mate,
I am not expert but i want to suggest because I was also in your situation. Not for 30 days, 4 months literally. Try your buyer request, give an eye catchy offer. Hope you will get some. I got my first order after sending 240 offers to different buyer request. Not necessarily for you take so long. Who knows…

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  1. Search right keyword for your Gig’s
  2. Make eye catchy image for your Gig’s
  3. Do social media marketing
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I suggest you to revise your gigs and do not offer Unlimited Revisions and Refund if not satisfied. This will lead to so many problems with buyers. Also, in order to refund a buyer you have to cancel the order, which means your stats will be affected. Offer a limited number of revisions.