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The big day I finally ask Blaisefaint to critique my gig

With fear and admiration, I have read all of Blaisefaint’s advice to different Fiverrs about their profiles and gigs. I have made all the changes I think he would have me make. But until now, I have been too scared to actually ask for his advice. So here goes:

I am not certain that I am completely ready for his brilliant and biting observations, but I have to step up to the plate at some point.

I have posted. Will he come?

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Dear Bobby:

Now I’m scared!

Let me ask you, what’s the one question I ask nearly everyone?

You should know, because you answered it in your profile…

Good luck,

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Wow! That was fast!

“What is your name?” Right? :slight_smile:

I was busy making last-minute tweeks to my profile (anticipating your visit) when I realized you had already checked it.

Good on ya, mate!

I’m making my way through your gig now.

Don’t worry, you have no reason to be nervous about my feedback.

You’ve done an outstanding job.

Maddie should be along soon to give you a bouquet of flowers…

Good luck,

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Dear Bobby:

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: Check.
Your log line: No specific suggestions, but I suggest more.
Your profile text:

Unfortunately, you’re daring Buyers to give you less than 5 stars. My advice on this is to re-work it without making a 5-star rating a selling point, because Fiverr is deliberately moving to end 5-star ratings over time.

You’re also setting yourself up for copycat gigs, so you’ll need to re-word that part, too.

I don’t have specific suggestions here, but in general my advice for profile text is to focus on your specific skills and how they benefit the Buyer and the fact that you are here to help the Buyer.

Bottom line: you don’t need to change this if it’s working for YOU as is.

I attempted to work in sales and always hated cold calling, so I appreciate the chutzpah it takes to make a living from it. Based on your number of reviews versus your time on Fiverr, I believe you probably need to step up your marketing efforts to find people who need your skill set, such as car sales people and real estate agents. I’d suggest you team up with Sellers on Fiverr who deal with those folks in some appropriate way to cross market. SEO and copy writer folks would be more helpful to you than I can be. Your price point is probably a barrier to entry, but I’m sure you know more about your market and what you’re doing than I do, so rely on your own judgment on those matters over mine.

All your gigs should have 3 images (focusing on YOU), 2 pdfs (for samples and Buyer education), and so on…

  • Gig Title: I will make up to 50 telemarketing cold calls to set 1 appointment

You got it, baby!

  • Video: Your video game is tight! I could not come close to what you do here, so take my suggestions here with a grain of salt. You flub a word or two in your delivery, so I’d suggest re-iterating a couple more times till you get that part down, but this is by far the best gig video based on my advice that I’ve ever seen.

Gig Images: You should have 3. The one you have is a stock image, and given the singular nature of your gig, you’d be wise to be the model, as opposed to the model who is the model in your one gig image. You should be totally confident in your ability to come up with 3 images that feature you doing your thing.

2 @3-page PDFS: If these are available to you, you should take advantage of them!

Your Live Portfolio has given me confirmation for the VERY FIRST TIME that my suggestion to include images or videos in non-image or video gigs is a valid marketing tool. You took that ball and ran with it! You’ve done something I’ve never seen before on Fiverr – I think it helps you that you actually made an effort to follow my advice before asking me to look at your gig.

I’m super impressed with that. [EDIT: Of course, you may have come up with this idea totally on your own or from some other source, but I’ll try to take credit and see if I get away with it…]

My concern here is one of consent. Your Buyers placed the videos in your Live Portfolio, so you have that consent covered. However, did the people you called give their consent? I don’t know, and I don’t know if you have waivers from them. I suggest you search the forum or speak to your legal advisers about that. I am not an attorney, so I don’t know. Assuming you’ve covered yourself there, you should be golden.

If you haven’t covered yourself, you probably need to ask Customer Support to pull the videos from your Live Portfolio and re-iterate after covering all your legal and consent bases.

  • Gig Description:

My issue here is that you say, “We”. I interpret “we” in this context as you and the Buyer, but it could be interpreted as you and your team, so I suggest “I”. Reasonable people can disagree.

Gig Extras: You have no gig extras that I saw.

Gig Packages: You have no gig packages that I saw.

Frequently Asked Questions: I suggest changing, “What do you need to get started?” to, “What do I need to get started?”. However, if you disagree, you may be right.

I believe you are shorting yourself by not making the prospect list that YOU offer a gig extra. [EDIT: Of course, you may be upselling this as custom offers. I can’t read your mind; I can only make observations based on what I see.] As far as pricing, you’re obviously a savvy marketer, so I assume you’ve followed twistedweb123’s various advice regarding upselling and making a funnel site for Fiverr Anywhere. I’d post the links, but I’m confident that you know the Forum well enough to find any information along those lines that you need.

Your game is far tighter than mine. You have more resources than I do, and you make me look bad for not doing all the things I know I need to do while making me look good for suggesting the suggestions that you followed so well.

While I am not your Father, the student has definitely become the Master.

Quite frankly, you have underestimated yourself. You don’t need any more input from me. You should be talking on the Forum to the Top Rated Sellers. @mjensen415 should be asking you to appear on Fiverrcast to talk about what you are doing: Fiverrcast Questions.

You should be offering your feedback to other people in the Improve My Gig Section of the Fiverr Forum. You should be writing posts in the Forum talking to other people about what you do.

You should hire a ghost writer (if you can’t write the book yourself) to teach other people to do what you do.

You should create a YouTube channel to do the same.

You should create a Udemy course.

Focus less on the cold calling yourself and become an information marketer, because now that you’ve outed yourself on the Forum, you may expect “meksells” to steal everything you’re doing now.

I hope you’ve seen Inception, and understand that you’re passing through the looking glass. You’re not going to be able to say you’re the only one offering your service on Fiverr. So change it up and start saying you’re the best there is at what you do. Hopefully at some point @misscrystal will share with you her experience with being the first in her area of expertise, only to later be inundated with copycats.

If you haven’t already done your research on information marketing, you need to start. I have no experience in that field, but I do see that it’s your future, and you need to find better teachers for you than I could ever be.

In summary, Bobby, you’ve done an outstanding job.

Good luck,

P.S. Though I typically only offer to look at one gig per Seller, if you want me to, I’ll try to take a look at your other gigs on Sunday afternoon / evening (or later, depending on how my day breaks). Frankly, I don’t think you need any more input from me, but I certainly hope that other people on the forum will step up and offer you the quality advice that exceeds my capabilities.

I didn’t attach my standard list of links addendum because you clearly don’t need it. I hope you will follow up in the Tips for Sellers Section of the Forum with your own insights and your own list of links that Sellers should be reading.

Thank you for the pleasure of allowing to offer my feedback to your profile and one of your gigs.

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Blaise, when I see your checklist, I realize there are so many things I am doing wrong with my Gigs, but fortunately have done well so far. But will make improvements soon someday, based on this, and create new gigs in March.


Dear Writer:

Thanks for the kind words.

I think it’d be awesome if you’d be so kind as to offer Bobby some detailed feedback on his work from your perspective, or simply share your insights on what he can do based on your experience.

I hope other folks on the Forum will give him the same courtesy.

For my part, I intend to start pointing people to this thread in the hope that they will learn from Bobby’s example, so I hope that everyone who has something relevant to contribute to this thread will do so, for the benefit of everyone who reads it in the future.

Thank you,

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Dear Bobby, I like your thread title, also your courage. :wink:


Yeah I will never do that. I mean I want to but that needs courage. :worried:

Thank you for all your suggestions, Blaisefaint. I made most of the changes you suggested. Now I’m buried in work. I will tighten up my videos when I get a chance. Until you pointed it out, I didn’t realize all my call recordings were going into my live portfolio. No bueno. I turned that off.

I really admire how you help all the people on here to improve their pages. It’s also quite entertaining. :slight_smile:


Hi Mr @Blaisefaint,
Can you please check my gig and give some of your excellent advices on how to improve it .
Thank you.

We miss @blaisefaint :slight_smile:
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