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The results formula?

I think you misread my post.

I am trying to explain how someone’s success is actually a bit more complex than their skill level, or how great their gigs are.

On your original post you mentioned how your sales dropped after Fiverr added a lot of subcategories.

So I would start there. Maybe your offerings are no longer relevant, since you failed to move along when the algorithm did.

Your offerings may appear unfocused to the new algo, so its not serving you up to laser-focused buyer searches.

So if you want to talk about your “luck”, in essence we are talking about your probability of success. Which may have decreased if you failed to keep up with how Fiverr works now.

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I understand but the issue is that Fiverr allows me to choose 5 topics only while my service covers 50+ topics / niches then how do I justify or tell clients that i can cover all 50 niches not just 5


I don’t think that’s what your issue is.

In fact, your inability to focus is the root of your problems.

Casting a wide net will no longer work on Fiverr.

You need to focus on the 5 types of authors you can serve best and then you can increase your probability of landing them.

You can research which 5 types of books are most popular now and make sure your offering is adapted so it caters to them.


I am not sure this is the issue because narrowing down the niches is an issue because you cannot just target Authors who write Novels despite this is the most popular niche. WHY? Because even novel writers do have sub-niches to narrow down it to more than 20+ niches and where Fiverr is letting me and many others down.

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Well you can listen to the Pro/TRS seller who still gets orders in, or you can just keep banging your head against the proverbial wall.

Your call.

I am not implying I know everything or have all the answers but I don’t think I can help you when you are not even pretending to listen to me. :slight_smile:


Interesting post frank. You are right about everything but since no one expected such things so its hard for everyone to face it.
Anyway, can i be a part of your private group? That will be helpful for me. Thanks

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Frank, I do not say that I am not ready to listen you but maybe I am not able to understand and implement what you want me to do.

Maybe I need an expert who can help me customize my gig description to target clients

I don’t think waiting for an expert to guide you step by step, is the answer.

You need to familiarize yourself with basic marketing concepts, otherwise you will always run into the same trouble.

When I point you to a different direction, and your response is “no I don’t think that’s it”, that means that any “expert” who comes your way will not be able to help you.

You need to help yourself.

Learn, decide, act.


But can you tell me which of the niches should I choose as I am into formatting books

So you want me to do your research for you?


We are not here to spoon feed you @pinkszzz - do your own research.


If I could do that I would not have requested help here. And, if you cannot help, do not worry, I will try to help my self. And, I am not asking you to spoon feed me because asking for help does not mean to spoon feed

Not exactly but some guidance on how and where to start this research

Browse Fiverr and see what kind of books people write, what kind of covers your competitors make.

Also google trends can help.

And finally visit amazon and see their top selling categories.

I think you are in denial and cannot accept that you are asking for people to do the work for you.

You are in a tough spot and that always clouds judgement.

But you need to be honest with yourself.

It’s OK to find things scary.

But information is the resolution to ignorance.

And ignorance is what fuels most of your fears.


Thank you for your suggestion but All are bad for mine :rofl:

I’m not sure I understand your comment.

What do you mean?

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I was trying to focus on this formula But these all are not working

What’s not working for you?

This formula is not a formula for succeeding.

I didn’t lay out a framework for you to perform better, necessarily.

It’s a framework for understanding the variables that lead to success.

With that being said, what is it that’s not working for you?

What is it that you can’t observe/evaluate?


I think it’s probably a bit advanced for you @raj_proservice - try these articles first, which may be more help:


Thank you for your tips

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