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Tips for Success! From the perspective of a seller turned buyer!

Oh, hi!

I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be on the buyer-side of Fiverr, and wanted to offer some suggestions to other sellers, both new and experienced. Honestly, I was on the fence about if this belongs here, or in rants… I like to be positive, so “Tips for Sellers” it is!

Some statistics… My buyer request was posted for all of 30 minutes before I had to pause it because the response was overwhelming! In the first 10-15 minutes, I received well over 50 offers from sellers. I was trying to remove the offers I was receiving that I wasn’t interested in as they came in, but there were too many of them. I left it running for another 15 minutes, paused it, reviewed every single offer, eliminating them one by one until I was down to my selected seller.

Six things we can all start doing immediately to see better results when bidding on buyer requests:

1. Copy/paste messages may end up saving you a lot more time than you originally anticipated.
Copy/paste responses sure do save a lot of time in comparison to crafting a unique response to each offer you are responding to, but if your response doesn’t fully address the buyer’s request, you won’t have to worry about spending the time on their order either as they will most likely move on to the next offer.

2. When crafting a unique response… proofread, proofread, proofread!
I’m a bit of a hypocrite on this one since my buyer request actually had a typo in it that I didn’t catch… shame on me! But when I’m sending requests to buyers, I always take the time to re-read what I’ve written to ensure it makes sense. After reading it over once, I go back over my response backward, starting from the last word and working my way up to the first. I find I catch the minor spelling errors that way as I’m forced to evaluate each word individually instead of sentences as a whole. Re-reading will catch some, but since you know in your mind what you were trying to communicate, minor errors might slip through.

3. Salutations and greetings are important!
Shy away from “Sir”, “Ma’am”, etc., especially if you might mix up the two! A simple “Hello!”, or “Good Morning/Afternoon!” is simple, professional, and eliminates the risk mentioned above… :slight_smile:

4. In the words of my Grandmother… "Manners don’t cost nothin’, but they sure do get ya’ places."
There’s no need to “brown-nose”, but a simple “Thank you for your time and have a great day!” implies you understand the buyer is receiving a lot of offers to select from, and you appreciate them taking the time to review YOUR request and/or profile.

5. Harassment is unacceptable behavior.
Sending repeat messages after sending an offer is unacceptable behavior. Just. Don’t. Do. It. It will not help your chances of receiving the order you are bidding on, and will definitely eliminate you as a potential for any future work this client may have later. Sending a polite message to inquire about more specific details of their request is fine, and shows interest. If they do not respond to you, leave it at that. If you feel you must follow-up, a polite message wishing them luck with their project and a VERY BRIEF line about other things you might be able to help them with in the future is OK.

6. For the love of (insert whatever you find most dear in the world here), read the request before responding!
Most clients will choose the person that they think has the best combination of price and chance to achieve what they are requesting. If you haven’t read what they are asking for, it won’t matter if you are the most competitive rate as your response won’t tell that buyer you are the person for the job… a low price means nothing if it doesn’t get them what they want. Should a client/buyer be vague in their request, see tips #1 through #5 above.


Hi careybeers.
Thanks for your tips. It will be very helpful for all the sellers.
By the way can you give me a review on one of the offers for buyer requests I have sent.

Here is the request from buyer

I need a background made for my website “KClub27” that resembles the picture labeled “last.1” but I need the colors to be clear and more official looking. Also I want to get rid of that the lettering running through the middle of the picture. The pictures is the last supper photo-shopped with specific individuals if it’s easier to use the original last supper picture, let me know. have a general idea of what I want, but I’m open to any ideas and actually recommend hearing what you think. Thanks, talk soon.

and here is my offer

Hi I am Raveen. I went through your Request few times and also I visited your website too. So I feel interesting to work on this.Removing the letters in the middle of the picture is just a simple thing.And for doing color correcting and retouching part I want a close contact with you as I want to do the work then get the feedback from you and do any revision if you want ,a process like that. So contact me before ordering. Thank you, Best regards.


Hi Raveen! I’d be happy to provide my thoughts.

I like where you’ve taken your response, in terms of covering what the buyer has asked for. And you’ve explained that you’ve reviewed their request, as well as their website… to me, that shows the buyer that you are interested and willing to put effort into what you do for them.

The only things I see “wrong” (for absolute lack of better word) with your request is the wording/language choice and grammar, which I suspect is because your primary language is something other than English. Unfortunately, some buyers may be “turned off” by this.

If you were replying to a request for proofreading/editing English text, or something that requires you to have an expert-level handle on the English language, you’d be in serious trouble… but this is for photoshop/design work, where it shouldn’t matter than English may not be your first language.

For reference, here is a simple re-working of that specific response you wrote, focused mostly on fixing up some of the word choices and sentence structure.

“Hi, I am Raveen and I am very interested in working on this project with you. I read through your request a few times and I’ve visited your website, too. Removing the letters in the middle of the picture is a simple thing for me, as well as the color correction and retouching. I would work very closely with you to make sure I’m properly capturing your vision, and to make any revisions needed as per your feedback. Please feel free to contact me before ordering if you have any questions. Thank you and best regards.”

I’m sure that you could get as many different variations of this as there are sellers on Fiverr!

Best of luck to you in your Fiverr endeavors! :slight_smile:


thank you …as a new seller really in need of that updated kind of stuff … good luck with what you are doing on fiverr :smiley:


you are true.I am not a native English speaker.Thank you very much for your review. I’ve learnt a lot by it.Thanks again and wish you best of luck for your future.


i do use fiverr my self few times for getting stuff i do not have enough time for … so i do usually use other sites for more pro stuff but fiverr is like the low budget thing …so i like fiverr !!


Until today, I’ve never found myself in a position needing to hire someone to do the same type of work I offer my clients… especially when it’s something for my own freelance business (outside of Fiverr). I think I’ve found a good seller, and am excited to see what they turn in to me when finished!


i do like but can you do everything you self …like you time for all that ?

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I always have in the past, yes. I’m pretty particular about how I want things for my own business done… I’m sure I’d make a nightmare client for any large projects, LOL!


1.Provide quality of work
2.Never late on any order.
3.Never misbehave with buyer
4.Follow fiverr ruels and terms in every step


More great tips, and all very important to helping yourself gain more/repeat business.

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I agree with you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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You are welcome
And feel free to ask anything you need


Hi @careybeers yes nice interesting tips and second reply is the best anyway i think you are the best one to answer my question please follow the link below.


Thanks for your tips.

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Do you have any tips on how I can get more sales on my gigs? I get new order almost every two weeks and I really want to improve on this platform.

Send daily 10 buyer request .
Share your gig on social media.
Have so many facebook group, you can try this …
Make video for your gig.
Focus on tags.
Make a seo title on your gig.