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Tips on getting more clicks and orders?

It’s been a hot minute since I posted my gig, about 6 months. Every single time someone has messaged me, I’ve responded within 1 day, and I think that my description is pretty clear. But so far, I have gotten 1 custom $10 order, and that’s it. I think the culprit is the niche subject of what my gig is about, but I would like to hear from you all. Anyone have any tips/advice?
Thanks in advance,


Only replying in a day’s time is why you are not getting orders. Apply as soon as you can.



So here are the few tricks I have noticed helped my gig (and I’m new here also):

-Make fewer additional changes to your gig (once you published your Gig, try not to change it to much)

-Submit offers to buyers requests on regular basis (but only submit offers for jobs that you actually know how to do, and one more important thing about offers, never copy-paste them, buyers know when you do that and they get frustrated and immediately erase your offer)

-Make sure that on your gig you are using your own work for pictures (try to make them as unique as possible, they need to be eye-catching)

-Make the description appealing for the eye as well as neat and readable (make sections, use bullets and numbers)

-It takes time, so just be patient and try hard with the buyer requests (that is how I got my first order after one month here on Fiverr, In my offer I showed genuine interest in the projects, I was 100% honest and I gave my ideas about the project in the offer, seller liked that and chose me among 180 other offers.


Right Also you can share you gig’s in the social market

Hey there! As someone who is also active in a niche market, I understand your struggle. Could you perhaps share your gig so some of us can maybe give some concrete feedback? There might be nothing wrong of course, but a pair of extra eyes might help.

This is of course very true but (if I take my gig as an example) buyer requests don’t often happen. Since he mentioned he’s active in a niche area this might be the case here as well. If it isn’t though then by all means, use the 10 offers you get every day!

And last but not least here are a few helpful links that can help you improve your gig with adjustments you maybe didn’t even realize were smart to do:

Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

Your Profile is your Brand: make it memorable


Thank you so much for your good advice. The last paragraph I like most

Dear friend,

I hope you doing very well!
To get impressions and views or even clicks you need a little bit of steady effort.

In short…

Follow the

  1. Adhere
  2. Share your gigs on social media.
  3. Share your gigs on different forums posting.
  4. Better conversation with all of your friends and clients will help you in this regard.
  5. Optimize your description and relatively make sense to your description and your images
  6. Attract others through your creativity and uplift your skills.
  7. Input your exact keywords/tags that match with your titles or meta titles.

Everything will be all right and Trust yourself and keep patience is the only key to success.

I hope you would like it.

Happy Earning!


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Sorry, I thought links were disabled or something. Here it is:

Okay so my first thought for you not getting orders is definitely the service you’re offering. I don’t know anything about ‘homebrewing’ so I hope my thoughts are of any value! But my initial idea is that your gig is confusing and I’ll tell you why it is (to me at least):

  1. Your title is that you’re offering your skills for free. A title should state your main service, and I doubt that you’re on this site to provide charity work.
  2. You’re asking people to send you their Wii. You might know you’re trustworthy, but personally I wouldn’t just randomly send someone on Fiverr my Wii when I might just go to a shop near me that can do the same.
  3. Your packages could use more clarity. For your basic package for example: Will you get on a call with someone (which btw, you can only do on Fiverr since outside communication isn’t allowed) and explain how they can do it themselves? Will you do it for one game or more? In general, all three aren’t clear to me what exactly I can expect as a buyer. This can partially be since I have no knowledge about your field, but besides that it’s just not very clear to me.
  4. When it comes to your video, it was a lot of reading. I understand you want to be engaging and show buyers a bit of your knowledge & personality. However, try to be short and concise with text. The lack of visuals made it also a bit tedious to watch. A gig video should make people excited as well as instill trust in you as a seller, but this video doesn’t really do the trick I think.

In short, I think your gig is very very specific and that’s also the reason for your lack of orders. It all sounds a bit too complicated & too much hassle to me (e.g. shipping a Wii). Maybe think about reinventing your skills. How can you use your homebrewing skills more directly? What can you maybe do with your web development skills that people are actually looking for? For example, what was the one custom order you did get? Can you use that as information for improving your gig?

I hope this helped a bit. You say that people did message you, so there might be a lot of people actually looking for this service which I don’t know about. Making your gig more clear and specific might help in engaging those who show interest. Good luck :smiley:


Thank you very much! I’ll take all of your advice into mind! :smile:

I just finished changing a lot of my gig, taking out the shipping part, and making it easier to understand. If you wouldn’t mind, could you take a look at it again and maybe give me some additional feedback? Thank you ever so much, homebrew_dude.

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That’s already a whole lot better! Now it’s more clear that your service is helping others to increase the amount of games to play on their Wii, or help fix the problems they face doing it themselves. I also see you lowered your prices, and they seem more reasonable now (I forgot to mention it).

One thing I did see is that you’re offering (in your description) a ‘constant service for up to 30 days after an order is placed’. I understand you want to provide a sort of full service idea, but think about what this might cause. Buyers could take advantage of this in a way, by trying to get more than what they actually got from the service they ordered. It’s not a bad thing to assure buyers that once you delivered and they still run into problems they can contact you, but maybe phrase it more like that. Now it’s a bit ambiguous what this ‘constant service’ entails.

One other small (maybe even irrelevant) thing, is the third picture in your portfolio. Now it says Merry Christmas and your in the 12th place. Maybe choose a screenshot where it says ‘congratulations’ or where the characters are celebrating in a way. That makes it look a bit more happy, this image looks a bit dull and doesn’t really add anything.

Last but not least, research your competitors and see how they are framing their services. Never copy and paste, but a little inspiration doesn’t hurt in order to position yourself in the market.

I hope you’ll get another order soon! All the best :smiley:

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I have noticed the same issue. Earlier my speed optimization gig “” was ranked on 1st Page but later it dropped the ranking. Then I have modified the description a little bit and changed the gig tags and Images. It has a good impact in terms of impressions but no order after that.

So, it is better that you must delete previous gig and create a new optimized one for better result.