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Tips on Ordering Video Sync from VO Artists


TL:DR - 1. Add Timing Cues 2. Read Script Out Loud Before Sending 3. Read What Syncing Actually Costs Before Ordering

As a voice over artist who offers video syncing, I get A LOT of requests for it, but a common thing that buyers don’t realize is that their vision of the finished product isn’t always the same as the seller’s. So when the video is delivered and the timings aren’t just right it can lead to frustrations on both ends.

This is your video, and as such it should show your vision when it’s finished. To help with that, here are some very practical tips on how to avoid stress, save time, and get a product you’ll love!

1. Add Timing Cues to Before Each Sentence in the Script
Timing cues save an insane amount of time! It prevents unnecessary revisions, helps everyone stay accountable, and paints a crystal clear portrait of what is wanted.

I send this example to every single buyer interested in this service for them to follow:

“(0:01) The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. (0:04) The lazy dog didn’t like it when the quick brown fox jumped over him, and thought it was rude. (0:11) The only problem was the lazy dog was too tired to do anything about it and went back to sleep.”

This tells the seller when every sentence is supposed to begin, and that way there is no misunderstanding when the finished product is delivered. This is the most important thing for me as a seller to receive, and has eliminated 80% of the problems.

2. Practice Your Script OUT LOUD to See if the Words Fit in the Timings
Another 10% of the problems are when people try fitting 8 seconds worth of words into a 3 second window. I don’t care if you’re an auctioneer…nobody can read that fast, and it sounds awful when attempted. But if that is the instruction we’re given, we have to do it.

If you can’t read the script according to your own timings, it’s nearly impossible for someone else who didn’t write it.

Also, this helps to see if it even flows well or not.

3. Read What the Gig Extra Actually Costs
The final 10% of problems is when buyers don’t realize a video sync extra is typically a “per minute of video” rate. Sometimes buyers will purchase the gig extra once, not realizing that their 5 minute video is going to cost 5x what they’ve paid for.

This frustrates both parties and causes some major delays. Please, help your seller out by reading all of the details of their offer. It will save a lot of headaches.

In Conclusion
I hope this has given you some hope that your video sync jobs don’t have to be difficult. Out of roughly 115 jobs I get every week, 5-10 of them are video sync orders, and I can tell you that this formula has made it a much better experience for both parties.

Yes, it takes a little more time to set up on the buyer’s end, but that extra few minutes on the front end can save you literally hours on the back end when you don’t need any revisions because it was done perfectly the first time :wink:

  • Matt


Hear hear Matt! Great tips :slight_smile: I might just add to that… reading it out loud, means actually reading it out loud, not just reading it to yourself under your breath (which often results in a much faster estimate on timing, than when it is actually said out loud)


It’s true! most people just don’t really think about it, but you’re right…out loud is much different than under your breath


Matt, GREAT tips for the buyer. I appreciate you presenting this. The information is clear and on point.


Thank you very much, I hope it helps!


Matt, great post man! I seem to have the most issues from buyers with #2. They want 1 minute worth of words in 30 seconds. So we go back and forth on how this is not possible even for chipmunks. I like how you said have them read it out loud to match the timings. This is a great idea and I will be using this in my messages from now on.


Great Tips Matt! Thanks for posting especially about the timing indicator at the beginning of each sentence!


I actually am going to create a new quick response for my buyers that directs them here. Just sent this to someone

"Hey thank you very much for your purchase, I appreciate it and am looking forward to working with you! In order to ensure we get the best outcome possible, I have put together a great resource on the forums regarding video sync jobs (you can find it directly at this link Tips on Ordering Video Sync from VO Artists).

It is a quick read that will help us have the same vision for your finished product. Please let me know if you have any questions, and give me a heads up when I can expect the updated script.


Hope it works well for you!


Thanks Kevin, it’s been very helpful so far!


I personally don’t have that “extra quantity per minute” policy since I only offer up to 200 words in my gigs. But other than that, clear, simple and spot-on! :smile:


Most of us only offer up to 200 words as well, but if they ever buy in multiples then you’re covered :wink:


Great stuff, Matt! If only buyers would ever read it. In fact, I’d pay money if they took the time to read my basic Gig Description. :imp:

Thanks for taking the time to post. Can I have two revisions of that for free?

Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.



Brilliant advice Matt!


Excellent Resource Matt! I will be sure to use this to help some of my Buyers understand the process! Thank you for doing your part to help the community! Your are a Rock Star!

Love the Voice Brotha! You are killing it!

  • Pat


Thanks Matt for taking the time to post your thoughts based on time-honed experience.

This forum article needs to be read by a large proportion of white board animators and video producers on Fiverr.

Why? Because a disconnect between buyer and seller when syncing voice to any visual medium happens far too often.

In short, buyers of voice syncing services have an obligation to learn more about it prior to purchase. It is unique in the realm of voice over gig extras. In addition to this article, any voice actor who offers this service is more than happy to explain the process, pricing, and time requirements associated with any given script.

Finally, I kindly suggest that if a buyer cares about quality, please plan for more than 24 hour delivery if your script is longer than 800 words.


Thank you so much for this article. I will be adding it to my video client’s messages.


Thanks Ed! I’ll give you ten revisions for the low low price of the original!


Thanks Don! Hope it helps


Thanks Pat, I hope it’s helpful! Keep up the great work as well!


Yeah, I totally agree. Unfortunately with jobs like these, the buyer has a different idea of the finished product than what the seller has…just a natural thing. My hope is that a resource like this can help bring the two together.

A lot of buyers just don’t realize how much work it takes to do something like this. Many think it’s just one take as long as you’re watching the video while reading, but don’t realize you can’t focus on a video while reading out loud at the same time.

Sometimes just having a resource to point people towards can help. Thanks again Allen!