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Want to get my first order?

I am Imran.I am new on fiverr.I created 7 gigs 2 weeks ago.But I didn’t received any client knock or custom order.


Hey there,
you should try several other approaches then,
maybe reword your gig’s titles, make the main picture visually appealing, check your buyer requests, share your gigs on social media ( constructively, don’t just spam ) and most importantly stay patient.
If possible, try to beat your competition price-wise,
Good luck


Thank you so much for your suggestion.I will try.

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You can share your gigs different social media, its called gig marketing. try to active 24/7 in fiverr. I hope you will get an order as soon. Best of luck

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Unfortunately, no, it isn’t. Sharing links on social media, where only your friends will see those links, it a lot closer to spam than anything else. Marketing requires you to study, research, and analyse your target customers, and then find ways to connect to those customers and convince them to hire you.

Sitting around on Fiverr, doing nothing, is not going to guarantee any sales.


Keep patience and increase your gig marketing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I already marketing my gig in different social platform and active 24/7 hour and days.okay let’s see.

Thanks Jonbaas for your best suggestion.

Okay I also try it.Sohanislam9

Ow it’s a great suggestion for me.Thank you so much for your best best suggestion.

welcome to fiverr community!

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Welcome to Fiverr family :heartbeat: don’t worry you all time active on Fiverr and share also your gig social media

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