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What can I do? Help please?

My gig impresses less, what can I do now, I do marketing every day, But still impresses less.

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Check it out If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

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Read that link carefully.

If no one is interested in your Gig then you need to do something different.

That may be changing some details in your Gig like a picture or some words. It may mean completely overhauling either the service on offer or even your expectations of what people want as maybe they don’t buy what you sell - either here or anywhere.

There is no simple answer. You have to do the soul searching to work out what will get people interested enough in what you do to hand you money.

And again, forget Statistics as they mean virtually nothing.


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Dear sweet friend

Do not worry about impressions, just you need simple promotion and little bit of sharing on social media. Upgrade your skills and keep patience. one day you achieve greater heights.

Respect and trust yourself.

Happy earning!