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What do I do If I want to share important information from any website?


If I read an Article on any website and If I want to share this information, tricks or anything in the Fiverr foram form it then what should I do?
I mean can I summarize the information from the article and post on Fiverr foram? Or I should give the URL of the article?
If I mention any website’s article link then will it mark as spam or not?
Help me by giving your suggestions .
Thanks in advance


Here is a link to the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


thank you very much. now I’m clear about this can you tell me one more thing?
where I get “new user tutorial” ?


Each question really needs it’s own topic. Just type “new user tutorial” in the search bar above.


Ok I will , thanks again :slight_smile:


If you include some professional insights and “tricks” in your gig descriptions, this can demonstrate to people who see it that you are skilled. They’ll also appreciate your support and may want more of it.


Many many thanks for your information.


When sharing information or tips on this forum your post should usually be original without links or copied content. People can google for themselves to find info elsewhere.

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