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What is happening? My gig did great, now is dead

I need some help about a serious issue for me… I’m working full time on fiverr, selling 90% this gig:

It was doing great, now it’s dead… I lowered the price hoping it will pick back up, but nothing is happening. I did not change the keywords or title because it was doing well, but now it suddenly stopped… from having 7 orders a day to 0 in a single day…

What can i do? I can’t afford to lose it, this is what I do to pay my rent, buy food and so on…

I did new gigs + updated old one hoping they will sell but nothing… help?
Here are my other gigs, if you can provide me with feedback, i would be very grateful…

I have 90+ on all stats, I got great reviews… all my orders are delivered on time. It’s really sad to see Fiverr algorithm doing this to my 3rd gig that was selling great… only this time I work full time on here, I can’t afford to lose it.

I would appreciate any help/feedback…


Did your impression, views and click decrease also?

i had like 100+ impresions to my first gig, yesterday was 40 or something and now I think i only have 10…

I face same issue time to time when I cancel an order from releated gig.

here is a screenshot of my status… the impresions are were up to 6k+… now is allthe way down.

Do you have Available Now feature? After this feature some buyers impression went down. Maybe this is because of you do not use it.

And also impression go up when you have orders in queue. There are several reasons. You should take this reasons and decide what was happened.

i don’t know… I have the fiverr apk on my phone, and the “online status” is on… is that what you were referring to?

I don’t have a option like in this video on my fiverr bar on the pc…

No. There is a new feature Available Now. It is beta now. Not all buyers have it. People can search gig who is Available Now.

Maybe this is because of this. Maybe you canceled an order.

I don’t have it apparently…
Any idea what can I do? :sleepy:

My cancellation rate is 2%, but is impossible not to cancel any order, some people order than ask for cancellation because they changed their mind or things like that. I canceled orders before, never something like this happened…

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I think it’s because of Christmas holiday and sometime more competitions so it’s best to place different gigs according to your skills.

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As I said my impression goes down when I cancel an order. You are right there are several reasons to cancel an order. The common one is buyers order without reading gig. Unfortunately, this kind of cancellations effects your listing results.

I understand, but I cancel gigs every month, this never happened, this is the 6 or 7th month I believe since I started selling this gig again and now it dropped like a stone… makes no sense.

btw, thank you for taking your time trying to help, I really appreciate it.

I was thinking the same at first, but I checked out some of the sellers with similar gigs and they are doing well…

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Have you checked if you can find your gig when looking for gigs in that category? Only time my stats dropped so dramatically was when I edited it, and afterwards it was not indexed properly.

Though december is slow for sales for almost everyone, so might also be just that!

A few cancelled orders does not matter at all. I believe if completion rate goes below 90%, only then it can bring some bad effects. But not so bad sales would come to a halt. At most a level loss (Quite huge!) or slight placement change in marketplace.

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You need to change your keywords, because fiverr working as per client demands so I think you need to change keywords, also should share your gigs on social sites

It got back up even higher than before, I was forced to get my base price from $20 to $25 because I was receiving more orders than i was able to do, after I modfied my price, the gig got down to almost 0 again. I believe that every time you edit anything to your gig related to price, it just needs to rank again in searches from 0? I’m a bit confused. Going to wait a few days to see if it’s going to shoot back up again. The price is back to $20 because as expected, after changing the price to $25, the gig got down and no one was able to see it in order to order it.
I hope what i tryed to explain is not confusing, english is my second language.

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Yeah! That’s so weird. My advice is to never edit a gig, not even the price.


In every business when the sales are going down we have to do more marketing to boost our sale.

When your Gig views and impressions going down you should share your gig to boost your sale … this how you can solve this.

The problem is not the marketing, the problem is the algorithm that ranks down a gig almost instantly. Imagine having a website doing pretty well on google. After you edit anything on that websites, google throws it away to the bottom of the search results and you need to fight to get it back up again.
If Im right, how can we end up on the first page? because it’s impossible not to edit a gig, how can we improve our services if we are to scared to do any changes?