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When i ask suggestion only few people respeonse


When i ask succession only few people response and when I write something which not suitable every one point it out (pinching).


I see. I don’t know why. I face the same thing too


Yes same here this kind of practice produce inferior reflections of the person who commented.


So what did you try asking??


well when i will ask any thing then surly i will wait for your guide line


So maybe this is blunt honesty? You asked their opinion, not to praise you right? Try asking a different question, or a more relevant one, or a more specific one? People are not evil, people only respond to well written questions, where they see the poster did his homework already and this is the last resort.


I looked at your other threads and you have at least two more on this subject complaining about people not help you on the forum:

When I Post Something which is not suitabale on Fiverr Forum People Correct me


Yes but you are always helpful and provide proper guide line in many matters … you are a good person.


No body will tell that what to do and how to do to get more orders, It is up to you think new things in your service area which are not any body giving on fiverr also you know many sellers are giving same service so try to make new thing


so plz suggest and example of new thing…


No body will suggest you try to find yourself because you have experience about your service try to google to search more about it


@workinline Read this again what he said.


yes mam he need help to get more orders he has created more one question saying about he help he also replied that what to do for new things


This is for you to figure out. It is part of owning your own business.

No one is going to tell you exactly what to do.


you always help every on and when and when i get order on fiverr then the credit goes to you


I guess my question is did you do enough research?
Did you check out other successful seller’s gigs and compare them with yours?
Do you notice the difference?


No matter what answers you are given, you still have to work hard and research on your own. We all have access to information, it is the people that make good use of it that succeed.

You are asking questions that have been answered both on the forum and all over the internet.

If you are depending on people to advise you, you will have to wait for very long. Research on your own and try to create your own unique path.

I hope I didn’t come across as harsh. I’m sorry if I did.



In your profile description you need to put details of your experience. Have a look at other gigs and descriptions to see how this is completed.

If you type “how to get orders” in the search bar above you will find lots of helpful posts on the subject. Also you can use the search bar to get answers to any question you want.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: