When Our Sales Are Down And What We Can Do About It


So my sales have been on a decline for the last couple of months. I have gotten about half of my usual sales, which is bad because I have a lot of expenses that I need to pay off. I have food that I have to buy. Etc.

However, I am NOT going to blame Fiverr. I am not going to blame the algorithm, or newer sellers, or the level system, or different categories, or Fiverr’s Alexa rating, or the higher fees. I do not know why this change in my sales happened. It might be Fiverr. It might be something I am or am not doing. It might be both. It might be neither. Playing the blame game does not pay my rent.

So, now that my sales are down, what do I do now? Well, I am hoping that you all read my Valentine’s Day post about diversification, if not, read that for some good tips.

Well, let me tell you what I have been doing to keep the bills paid when times get tough.

1. Have a freaking Savings Account

There is no possible way I can stress this enough without strangling some people, but having a lump of money saved for emergencies is a LIFESAVER! There will be months when you have a lot, and months when you have not so much. Make sure that you save as much as you possibly can, that way when money falters, you have something you can fall back on.

2. Have other forms of income

I write for many different sites and earn money from them, as well as websites that I own. I write ebooks, etc. I do what I can to not just make sure that I have some money right now, but that I don’t have to work so hard for this money later on.

What you want to seek out is forms of passive income. This is things that you have (websites, books, apps, games, services) that you do initial work on, and then it continues to make money from now until it doesn’t anymore.

Unless you have a d*mn good retirement fund, you will otherwise be working until you literally die. You do not want to be 90 years old and worrying about getting enough clients to pay rent.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote

Forums that you write on, social media, blogs, websites, whatever. Anything that you can do to help get your name out there will benefit your business (unless you do something dumb like the CEO of Papa Johns or something.)

I have a few different websites that I post on weekly. I also post on social media and am building a following there. Just make sure it is natural and not a bunch of spam. Nobody likes Spam. Not the canned meat, and not the advertising practice.

4. Calm the f*ck down

Frantically trying to beg anyone you know for money for your services looks awful and doesn’t help anything. So what you are going to want to do is be productive, but also spend some time to relax during the day.

I don’t write all day long. I don’t always check my mail, or do marketing. There are times in my day where I take time off for myself. I play JRPG video games like Breath of Fire 3, or Breath of the Wild. I also watch a fair amount of YouTube videos.

You can’t just be work, work, work all the time or you are going to burn yourself out. Relax. Clients can usually tell if you are desperate for work. Don’t show them that.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that you can do to help to grow your business, and make money from freelancing. Blaming Fiverr or acting as if the sky is falling does not help anyone.

I KNEW that my sales would one day drop. As a result, I prepared for this very thing. This stuff happens to us all, and there is nothing we can do to prevent sales from dropping. There are ways to lessen the blow it can cause.

So work smarter, and you will not have to work as hard. We are adults, we will get through this slump.


Ah go on.
It’s easier to just throw the blame at Fiverr, even if it doesn’t make you feel better or change anything.


Freelancing can’t be a main source of income. The way marketplaces change their way of operations, freelancers always remain at risk. Just to have a career in it, blocking all other sources won’t be a wise decision. So, to cope up with all expenses, they must have presence in different platforms.


Eh, yes and no. Being a full-time freelancer is not a bad move. If it works and you can do it, than by all means, do it. All jobs and careers have a risk involved.

While it is probably smarter to work somewhere part-time while you are freelancing just to have that sense of security, that job can easily vanish if you get fired. Or if your hours are cut, or if the job closes down, or if you get sick and can no longer work.

Yes, the freelance market can easily shift, and that can be detrimental. But that alone is not a reason why you should not make freelancing be a main source of income. Just diversify your income streams.


Sadly that is the case. Finding a scapegoat is far simpler than trying to find any fault elsewhere.


Oh gosh, thank you. THANK YOU.
It means a LOT when an experienced seller like you post something like this.

I want to hire someone to read this out loud in a video…in a comical ranting style.
I was thinking of Miss Dixie but for some reason her gigs are not

I personally think freelancing can be a great way to make a living,in fact
I know a good number of people who are doing fine…more than fine.
AND they have a savings account on the side just in case! :wink:

Anyway lucycodex, thank you.


You’re welcome! I am glad that you liked it


Freelancing can, but relying on a single platform like FIverr can’t.
If you know what you’re doing then as a freelancer you have more control over your income as opposed to working for someone who can fire you at any time.


That’s correct. Should have backup