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When will my replies to topics on Fiverr forums go into awaiting approval queue, is this a bug or feature, just curious

Hi Friends/Sellers!

Please check the attached screenshot. As the title of this topic suggest, can anyone tell me what is happening? It is happening for me here on other topic: I am unhappy with Fiverr support, this is first warning for them



No, it’s not happening with me. I think you are debating on a very sensitive topic that is why. Everything is being controlled and monitor.

Your response is showing up on that topic.

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You are so right, anyways now they approved it.
They are monitoring my activities for sure.

But, they could not just reply. :sweat_smile:
Hence proved!

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A lack of reply does not equal proof.

I have had the same issue with a few of my replies. Not to your topic, though. And, no, it was not to a sensitive topic either. I am sure it is something that is done automatically, not manually by the moderators. The messages were always approved quickly. One of them was when I used my phone to post for the first time, so maybe using a new device can have something to do with it. Just guessing here.


Please stay on the forum topic. Like you always stood for TOS on other forum topic.

No, it’s automated. Some posts have to be approved first in order to show up. It could happen to anyone.


I am on topic.
This is a public forum. You do not get to decide who responds or what they respond.


Well the topic is now When will my replies to topics on Fiverr forums go into awaiting approval queue, is this a bug or feature, just curious and not Support’s reply. :sweat_smile:

I do not know why are you mad at me.
Are you Fiverr support?

And he responded to it and shared his experience with his own forum posts waiting for approval.


Hmm… how come you do not cry about people not being Fiverr Support, when they agree with you? I am sure that is pure coincidence.

And, I am not mad. I simply responded to your question, then you responded with a rude reply.


Some people here have made a group and made it difficult for people to tell their problems.
They keep coming again and again like if someone has hurt their ego.

If you check their profiles you will see that they have most liked each other.
So, if they have liked each other so much then I am sure they are talking together on forum topics and defending each other and liking each other like you can check my 2 example threads.
If you check any problematic forum you will find them there poking their noses in someone else’s businesses.

I mean yes this is a public forum, anyone can reply. But, are these guys even sellers because they are just everywhere all the time whether you created topic on Wednesday and check back on Saturday. They will always reply to you.

This is same everywhere on almost every problematic topic.
They behave just like Fiverr police.

And, the most annoying thing is that those people will write things so the person with a problem will get more problems and he is just busy replying to them again and again. So, Fiverr TOS is a holy book for them.
They make the person with problem feel stupid like if someone has broken any TOS unintentionally, now he has not right to live because they will send so many sarcastic comments right away. I am sure something is happening. Everything is being controlled.

I can post many incidents from other forum topic to prove myself if anyone wants.

EDIT: I mean seriously if these guys are not moderators or Fiverr support, Fiverr is also happy that their problems are getting resolved by itself. I have seen this behaviour here only.

Your reply was blocked automatically by the forum’s system because an automatic flag occurred.

No one is out to get you or actively monitoring your every step.

A mod needed to manually review, it just so happened that mod was me.


Aha. That explains my friend.

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Not really, they’re just the active users of the forum, and yes, they respond to many topics.

It may seem that way because they respond to those who have, indeed, violated the rules.

You can always choose not to respond if it bothers you to spend a lot of time responding to posts you don’t like.

What’s happening is that almost every day there’s someone who broke the rules (sometimes unintentionally, sometimes because they thought that the rules shouldn’t apply to them, sometimes because they haven’t bothered to learn how the site works so they see a bug when it’s a feature), and then complains that they got a warning or a permanent ban for breaking the rules. Time after time after time, the same thing is happening… So yes, there will be sarcastic responses. Especially to something as silly as “I’m giving a warning to Fiverr” (seriously, nobody cares about a random user giving Fiverr a warning on the forum, Fiverr least of all; it has a zero effect on anything).


Yes, I should stay low because I am not buying anything from them.
I am selling. If it was the other way round. I mean if it was a buyer on forums posting their complaint. Then the things would have been different, you bet. The 10/1 ratio.

I am sure that “I am giving first warning to Fiverr” has made no impact to Fiverr and to you or anyone else my friend.
But, the thing that makes difference today for me is that I even raised my voice and I do not feel like a sheep because my voice was considered lower than the buyer even when I wrote a very professional mail to the support staff like buyer did (sent a copy already to you on other thread).

I must have been be treated equal. That is what bothers me the most. Like what if in future? What if I have a super level seller account and my whole life relies on that account. Is it too much to ask for a reply?

Please keep on liking yourselves, you are doing a great job. I am sure that some day a user will find my topics useful when he Googles.

No one treats it like a holy book. They treat it like a cut and dried policy. Because that’s what it is.

Yes there are trends in liking posts. That’s because we like to support each other’s rational arguments, not because we’re in cahoots with Fiverr.


DEAD You have word dead in your post and dead is word that gets automatic flag and has to be approved by MOD.

That is what happened to me.


Sellers get faster replies from CS if they are Level 2 or above, so this is already a feature.

Enjoy the weekend guys!
It was nice talking to you.

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