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Why am I not getting an order yet?

I’ve been on Fiverr for a week now and I haven’t received an order. I get a lot of impressions with a little click.


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I often takes time and in the third week I haven’t received my order yet. you need to be patient and focus on encouraging the customer to buy something from you. you can also use buyer request. and pay attention to the SEO of your gigs.
Here you have a link to explain a little bit about SEO:

Good luck with your further development! :heart:


Thanks a bunch for your contribution, it means a lot.

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If your Gig is getting a lot of impressions (meaning, it is showing up on the Fiverr pages for potential buyers to look at) and NO clicks, then, there is something amiss with your Gig. It is not catching the browser’s eye, and they are not clicking to see more of what you have to offer.

Are your Gigs in a category that is overrun with sellers? If so, this could be another reason why you are not gaining any traction or clicks. If your Gig looks like everyone else’s, the likelihood that a visitor to the site would click on a Gig with no reviews vs one that has reviews is high. You have to find a way to stand out if you want impressions to turn into clicks which can then lead to a sale.

Also, utilize the buyer’s requests on jobs you are qualified to do. Answer the buyer’s requests personally, meaning, do not copy/paste the same blurb to everyone you write to. Make it sound as though you actually read their need and understand it.


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Nice to hear, i like to help people :smiley:

I would definitely look into it. I’m grateful :+1:

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sent buyer request daily and stay online as well as be patient for new client message

You have to be a little more patient. I just went through a dry spell for 2 months with no orders. A week is nothing, especially for new accounts.

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Sent buyer request and be activated