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Why did Fiverr close the biggest thread about the blind review system?

This thread was lively, a lot of people voicing their concerns and there was a layered discussion on how sellers should handle the new circumstances with the blind review system: Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself

But it is now closed by moderator “fonthaunt” with this message: “This topic was automatically closed 60 minutes after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.”

I thought, oh, I guess that makes sense if people are no longer adding anything to it. But 60 minutes sounded short to me so I checked other threads in the same section of the forum, and no other threads are closed automatically after 60 minutes.

So why did they close this one, the most active thread on the forum at the time?


If I recall correctly, after a thread its 300 replies, it closes automatically and no new replies can be added. I could be wrong but @fonthaunt can say for sure.


That could be it, it had just reached 304 :slight_smile: But then I guess it should mention 300 posts too, not just 60 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: Also, sad to see that thread go, it contained the best information on what sellers can do to handle the blind review situation.

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Big threads take a few kbs of extra server space, budget not enough for that? :roll_eyes:

It’s so silly. Big threads are big for a reason. They are constructive (Most of the time) and relevant. No need to censor by stopping such threads. More will just pop up, dividing the discussion.

i also think the thread was open for like a day only before it was closed. I would understand if it was an ancient thread, to stop people from practicing necromancy.

I was following that thread and @fonthaunt said the mods usually close them at around 300 posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just because it is closed you can still go back and read that information. Also, you may just have started a new thread on the topic here. :wink:

I do not think is was meant to be a censorship. :thinking:

Yes, but they get cumbersome. I think this thread may turn into the new thread about the blind review system. Or anyone who wishes to can start a new thread titled, “Comments on the new blind review system.” :wink:

I looked, the thread was started on September 12 and titled, “A commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product.” :sunglasses:

It just kind of turned into a “Blind Review” thread, because it seems that is what most sellers were concerned about. :zipper_mouth_face:

What does necromancy have to do with anything? Why would such a thread be posted in this forum? Besides the Forum is not an old enough entity to have ancient :bank: threads. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I meant the other thread, not the news one! :thinking: “The day I started to censor myself” or something that the op mentioned.

As for necromancy, I do see regularly people responding to a thread that was made years ago. So such threads should be locked if no one has responded to them in years.

There needs to be a cutoff point. After a subject is beaten to death there is nothing new to say.

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The moderation team closes threads after they reach 300 replies as these tend to get very long and hard for people to scroll through.

All the posts regarding the new review system were linked to staff.


I found it! That was only a day old. But as I said it was getting cumbersome.

Personally, I don’t find it to be a problem.

The original forum thread still exists and new ones about the subject can still be created.


Absolutely. Sometimes we do go ahead and start a part two off of a long thread like that, but there are several threads still open on that topic, so in this case we just waited to see if it was really needed. Load times become very cumbersome after the 300 post mark, especially on mobile. We don’t catch all threads right at 300 (and once in a while they’ve been longer) but we try.

Note to the OP, if you read that entire long thread, you will see that the OP indicated his own feelings that it had become somewhat circular (you can see his actual words below) and where I mentioned that I would likely close the thread soon. Topic timers are set at varying lengths depending on the thread. A topic timer might close a thread from immediate to 15 minutes to 72 hours. That’s all there is to it, nothing conspiratorial. :slight_smile:
See from that thread:

Edited to add, I see that someone has already started another continuation here and unless it turns into a problem, no reason folks can’t discuss there.


Thanks for replying :slight_smile: Just to clarify, I never thought there was anything fishy going on, I was just sad to see the most productive thread go as I’d rather have one long one than many spread-out ones :smile:

I followed the entire thread and know that the OP mentioned shims elf it was getting cumbersome, but many replied saying to him that they thought it was a good and layered discussion. Yes it was repetitive, but clearly a lot of people needed to vent and it a lot of people had idea :slight_smile:

But I also noticed load times were getting slower very fast, so I totally get it :smile:

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Please see update on the review system from 10-16-18: Gig feedback and reviews