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Why i am not order yet?


I’am newcomer. working in 3 weeks but do not order. what is the reason? please help me, get order.

Why still receive orders

don’t worry, follow tips How do I attract traffic onto my gig? Any useful tips?
Tips To Quickly Increase More Sales On your Gig


I want a logo…Why should I buy your logo design service instead of your competitors?


Hi, wordpress_whiz
Thank you for answered my question .
I can help you design your logo. it easily,I have good experience if you like follow me. I give you fast service.


Everybody promising that :wink:
@wordpress_whiz has a good point, you need to stand out from others and find your niche/style that will attract people.

E.g I would’ve never answered that he need to choose me because I can help him create a logo and that will be fast. That means only that YOU are desperate and you don’t know your target audience.


Hi Mrs.mariashtelle1
Thank you for your Advice, I’ll try to find my style.

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If you haven’t found your style, that makes it sound like you don’t have enough experience.
When offering services here at Fiverr, be sure to know what you are doing, make yourself stand out, and be (really) good at what you do.


Based on the services you offer I’d say you first need to figure out what kind of service you wish to provide.

You studied graphic design in university, yet you’re offering to remove background from 100pic for $5. And not only that, but you offer to do it in 1 day with unlimited revisions. WHY?
If I’d be a mean person I would actually order it.

What if all those 100 photos look like this? You’d go nuts trying to do a perfect BG removal.

You don’t have to follow my advice, but I would recommend deleting all those ridiculous gigs and put up something that matches your skillset.

And if BG removal is the best you can do then at least set some rules so that buyers won’t take advantage of you. No unlimited revisions, reduce the amount of photos, specify photo types etc.


Hi,mr. uxreview
Thank you so much for your Advice,