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WHY i'm not getting orders please help

its about 2 months i’m on fiverr but my profile is old i create a gig permote it but not gettings orders please help its my gig :


don’t worry. See your gig description.
Or read more about how other people put gig description.
Same issue I am facing but I am very much assure that I will get orders in future.



Read this post. Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide and don’t forget to promote your gig.


thank you for your valuebale answer

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Try to improve your gig and keep waitting.Have patience.


Thanks i’ll reads this ok


Send buyer request daily and updates your tags as well.

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okey thanks ill tryy

Yes but buyer request not showing

Same… today I made a site…since there are like thousands of graphic designer on here, I wont have to waste my time waiting for someone to purchase my gig…am still not out the woods yet. I have to get people to my site, people who like my graphics…there was times I was waiting, going on my pc and see if I have customer. but sadly none appear…

The moral of this story is don’t be a hay in a needle stack.


I just check your gig. and If I’m a Buyer i don’t order your Gig because of the quality of your Video. I mean your Animations are good. But you have used automated Voice over. In my personal experience on same gig field, Buyer’s don’t like with Automated Voice, try to do attractive and eye catching video to show your talent. check other’s gig on fiverr. you will see the difference


@Nthamali85 Well Said


Please visit my gigs too, and also help me out how to improve it

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Your whiteboard animation video is using a robotic voice, pixelated fonts, overall low quality. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) whiteboard animation videos that have reviews and are much better than yours. Why would anyone order from you?

I will be honest. To try to help, not to offend.

I looked at your video. Looks ok but that robot voice, unghhh. People like to engage with people. That robot ain’t people. It is not even a cool robot like a Cylon or Dalek. I feel like you are not involved here. I would not be dealing with a real thinking-feeling person.

But still, if I intend to do my own voice over, which I would to advertise MY business, it looks ok enough for $10.

Then Fiverr show me several other providers below yours. $5 is half the price and they have color and more human voiceover! I feel more comforted/confident.

Now that is mean of Fiverr I know but reality is that it is there and will be there.

So what is it that would make me remember and want to choose you over all the other 58 whiteboard offers Fiverr will show me over the next 15 mins (or however long people look)?

Hard for you to know what I would choose. But you can look at how you can be different enough that you appeal to the right kind of buyer for you. Not everyone. Everyone is trying to chase everyone. Maybe you can be a wonderful solution for people who speak Malay or Martian and want animations centered around bats?

I dunno, but be something that makes me think, oh cool, that is the guy I need.


Don’t Worry…Try more and more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okey thanks for valueable answer

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Okey i’ll createe more gigs thanks for valueable answer

Okey thanks for valueable answer now i’ll try hard work