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Why the order is not coming

A lot of orders came in a few days, but now there are no more orders. I don’t know what to do


Have you tried, marketing, promoting, and reaching out to the target customers who need your services? Sitting back and waiting for orders to appear is not how successful sellers manage their services. Orders are earned, not given. Research your target customers, understand their needs, show them how your services can solve their needs, and then convince them to hire you instead of the thousands of other competing sellers that offer the same exact services.

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Do some marketing and be patient brother. Even i am also not getting any order… So just hold on and stay active. Best of luck

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2 weeks ago my daily orders was 5 to 7 projects. But now i am not getting 1 job. i do not know why?

Me also facing the same problem . :cry:

me to…same problem

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Hi senudi_creative how are you? welcome at fiverr forum. :blush:

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this is also happened with me few days a ago lots of orders but now i have just 1 order