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Your very first order

So a lot of us have been working on Fiverr for several years, so this is a question for those people.
Do you guys remember your VERY first order?

I think I started 5 or so years ago, and back then I had only 2 gigs; translation and illustration.
I was lucky enough to get my first order within a day of signing up, and I clearly remember my first gig. A guy asked me to draw a young boy with blond hair, wearing a red shirt and denim pants with a big smile.

Dang, back then I never thought I’d be able to pay for my rent and other stuff just by drawing $5 images!!


I do, it was for my “India” articles gig, and a nice guy wanted an article on Indian bodybuilders. He ordered just one more time after that, I will always be grateful to him. I will also be grateful to a buyer, a senior citizen from Florida, a vet, who ordered my articles gig 75 times (have talked about him with @misscrystal . I am generally grateful to all buyers, have had over 1100 of them.


It only makes me sad that so many of my buyers who ordered in my 1st and 2nd year don’t order any more. I guess this is just the way it is with the internet or with freelancing…you pick up clients, lose clients, make new clients, and move on.

I’ll be honest with you here, I don’t really remember the project itself. I only remember I offered them a revision they requested for free just because they were the very first people to trust me on here. :joy:

I could never forget my first buyer. My first buyer was the owner of an Electrical Shop named “Trion Electricals” in New Zealand who ordered a $20 gig from me to make a wrap design for their Vans and another for their Bus. He later ordered once more after that and since then been inactive on Fiverr, I will always be grateful to him.

Yes I totally remember my first order even my buyer name :smile: . His name was mikeborell, after two to three revision my order was got accepted and I received $10 Tip on my very first order of $5 .
Really it was an amazing feeling .

@aasherirfan1, I don’t think you should name your buyers in the Forum…

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I don’t know, if it was bad-mouthing someone I know it’s a problem, but in this case it’s a happy story, plus he got a tip, so perhaps it’s OK???

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Oh, I remember. It was a guy from China who barely spoke English. I had to translate an Amazon Description of the SKY3DS card for him.

I made account and got order the very next day. Then buyer disappeared without even messaging if how’s the work and vanished without reviewing it. I wonder what she did with my Ebook.

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My First Buyer is Owner of TV Program.


I’m Newer Forget he!

My first order was an Amazon review for a supplement that helps people recover faster from injuries or ease the pain it was something along those lines. But my first order about design was for a client running a blog about fighting insomnia.

Hi !
You are so lucky. Very soon you had got the order. Definitely you have some extra.
Go ahead friend.


I haven’t been here for so long as any of you, but I made an entire thread on my first order, so I’ll never forget :smiley:

My first order was a cover and profile picture for facebook, he wanted to do some revisions then he accepted it without a review but i was surprised because I was not using fiverr because i didnt get any orders and I was shocked when I got this after a year of inactive :joy::joy: because of that order now im working full time on fiverr.