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Any ideas on what to do?

I have a gig (I review Ebooks on Amazon) and I have to order the book so I can review so I added in that they have to send me an Amazon Gift Card so I can purchase their book (I got ideas from gigs related to mine). I found out that the buyer needs to type in my email in order to send the gift card. How can I send the buyer my email if Fiverr’s TOS says we cannot share any email or other details? I thought I would get opinions from the forum first and then contact CS. Please, I need helpful answers. Thanks!

Hey, you can share email if its needed for order process. :wink:

So I am not disobeying the TOS?

No, but send message to CS too, just to get confirmation from then, so you have proof. :slight_smile:

Ok, Thank You :slight_smile: I will contact them now!

Amazon sued over 1,000 Fiverr sellers for paid reviews. Writing paid reviews is not allowed.


Really? Even if I am reading their book?

As far as I know, paid reviews are strictly forbidden. Fiverr has removed some gigs just because they mention the word “review”. If you want to be sure, ask CS.

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I asked CS and they are fine with it. Thank You for all your help :slight_smile:

They told you it’s fine to sell reviews?


Is tia11404 still around? It says page not available.

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I never get how it just doesn’t register with some people how fake reviews, social media followers etc might be a really bad business idea.

This won’t work.

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Her account got restricted:

She’s got a new one (she said she would ask CS for permission; I don’t know whether she did it or not).


How do you know her account got restricted? I am curious how one Fiverr user can know this?

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Because she told us!


@offlinehelpers answered it (and I posted the link to that topic, too). If it wasn’t for her telling us, I would have no way of knowing it.


I guess all these names go around in my head and I did not remember she was the one that said that.


:slightly_smiling_face: Don’t worry about it!


So if an account gets restricted you can immediately set up a new one and proceed like nothing happened? I didn’t know this.