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Best TIP of Fiverr


Hello Fiverr Top Sellers.

Kindly share your TIPS for new members.

Support for Every One

My best tip is to actually take the time to read through the Terms of Service and everything in Fiverr Academy.

Too many new members jump in making gigs and then don’t understand why they are getting denied or in trouble. Read everything, then make your gigs, and then have patience and know it isn’t going to be an overnight success or will it come without hard work.

You’ll only get out of Fiverr what you work hard to put in.


I have many tips that I will give you from personal experience:

  1. Make sure to write your gig’s description clearly, the costumer comes first but it is highly important for you to describe what you offer exactly. This is to avoid any confusion at the moment of delivery.

  2. Make sure that the price of your gig is worth the service you are willing to deliver. Check this link for more information: 7 Tips About Pricing Your Gig

  3. Use all the resources Fiverr offers like buyer request and gig promotion. Check this out for better information: How to Send Attractive Buyer Request

I hope this was useful! Have fun :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing my blog (7 tips). :wink:

Glad you liked it.


It’s amazing! Thank you for writing it.