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My Fiverr id is old which was open on July 2020. Now I am looking for work with 1 rating. Is this a issue to work with an old id with less ratings. I am very worried actually.


Not really. Actually not at all.

Sure some pedantic person may wonder why over 1 year you only have one sale but if they are looking for reasons to not hire you, let them find them as they will be a PITA.

Make sure your Gig has plenty of good reasons for the right people for you to want to hire you and that should be all you need.

If still nothing happens, this may help: Still Facing problem that my gig rank still the same - Your Fiverr Experience / Improve My Gig - Fiverr Community Forum



Thanks banedictrm. I hope that I will get a work soon. I am really hungry to have my first work.


I have time to look at your Gig. There are some things that I think will cause you problems.

  • English is broken in several places. If chasing business from Westerners, broken speech reduces trust. Really work to get that sorted as poor communication costs you sales both before and after the job is accepted.
  • All of these have to go as they will cause you serious issues as not only do they tell serious customers you are not confident in your work but they leave you open to scammers.: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% Refund policy (if you are not satisfied), 24/7 Service, Life-time Support
  • Show strong work. While it seems the fashion to show 300 tiny logos in rows, this strikes me as unwise for several reasons. How can a logo be Heroic when it is jammed in a sardine tin? One per page lets it be glorious. One killer logo image is worth 1,000 average ones. Put that in the #1 slot so you stand out. Drop all that messy text on the image as that makes you look cheap.
  • Speaking of cheap, would you buy a new car that costs $10? If not why? Coz it would fall apart and kill your family is likely the answer. If your Logos are supposed to be quality hand-made (as you say) they need to reflect that in real-world pricing. Ignore all the idiots shuffling clip art for $5 as you are not after their customers.
  • You need to work to prove that value with a portfolio that makes it clear that your work is unique and a real logo as opposed to a little picture. Maybe a video of you explaining the difference (can subtitles). I saw a video recently that showed the fellow drawing a logo out using dotted paper - pushed home that he really did this work. You could use the PDF Slot to back this up with Case Studies of Logos that you have made to prove those 4 years.

This will help make your Gig stronger and therefore more attractive to genuine buyers. It is better to get one $150 sale than 10 $15 sales.



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