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Known issues with the Skill Tests provided by ExpertRating

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What are Skill Tests and what do they do?
If you’ve explored the options on your profile, you may have found the Skill Tests. These currently have no active benefit to Sellers unless a Buyer specifically looks for them. Relevant results cannot be placed in gigs and they can only be seen in the Seller’s profile.

Who is ExpertRating?
ExpertRating is considered a course provider and certification issuer based in India.
Their homepage states:

Leaders in Online Certification
Have your skills certified through the same platform used by Walmart, Google, IKEA, Ericsson, GAP and Amazon.

The main problem for us on Fiverr
Certification places should have standards, especially online. (Google search results for “ExpertRating reviews” avg. 4.5 of 5.)

With so many different people taking the tests just for the sake of taking it (like here on Fiverr) it’s difficult to impossible to even review questions with low ‘right answer’ rates. So they rely on a ‘tell us if anything is wrong’ section at the end of the test. The problem with that is remembering exactly what was wrong with exactly which question. And forget it if there’s problems on more than one question. I’m sure there are people who can remember such details under normal circumstances, but under the timed pressure of taking a test? That is not the best environment for stimulating memory of issues with the test itself.

In trying to report issues, I’ve tried copying the section of text (didn’t work) and taking a screenshot of an error question (I couldn’t refer to the screenshot without leaving the window, which automatically failed me, even after the test was ‘ended’). I understand why you can’t copy text in the tests, but that leads to the aforementioned issue about memory and reporting.

Collection of noted issues
(Some of these issues are more prevalent than others.)

  • No correct answer
  • Identical answers
  • Poor grammar/spelling/punctuation
  • Outdated questions/answers (which places an additional negative of easier cheating)
  • Disconnections leading to automatic failures
  • Missing images (where the question prompts to refer to such)


  • No randomization for layout or order in retakes.
  • Textbook-answer questions.
  • The test offers ‘multiple-possible answers’ option. Underutilized. (test: skill vs knowledge)

Potential fix?
I firmly think people shouldn’t complain about issues without offering a possible solution. So here is one that I think should be in the realm of possibility to easily implement. (I’ll admit: I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know how difficult it would actually be to code.)

There should be a way to flag a question from within the test itself. Even if it doesn’t allow an explanation, and (really) especially since you don’t want to take time from the test itself to fill something out, if the same question gets flagged by enough test-takers, it could/should be more closely looked at by the test ‘proctors’.

Dear Fiverr,
Please connect with ExpertRating about this. For the sake of Buyers, Sellers, and your own reputation. You promote professionalism. You are a platform of such great opportunities, but contracting out your tests to a questionable third-party is not helping.


Good idea. I agree there should be some way of flagging bad questions on the tests so they can be fixed (like suggested, Fiverr should be able to send that info/data back to the skill test providers). Hopefully that would fix the current tests or speed up fixing of them.

I agree quite a few/many of the tests are outdated and they could do with new tests for new topics (as well as updating any existing tests so they’re still up to date) or tests based on open source software or lower priced software in addition to the current tests. eg. one test requires very high priced software when questions using an open source alternative could be done instead for the same topic.

I assumed there was some randomisation in the tests but if there isn’t, doing that would help stop cheating.

I can see where you’re coming from. While it would be impossible to have tests for all the possible software for every genre of gig, some tests for the more popular free/open programs could be built.

Though, on further thought, those high-priced program licencors might have paid the ExpertRating ‘school’ to make tests for those programs. I know colleges have contracts/licences/accreditation to teach using certain textbooks/software/standards. This can be good, in cases like standards for GAAP or making sure students have a minimum knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. In contrast, I can recall making due with GIMP when I had Photoshop assignments (ran out of time in the library, finished at home), and basic Wordpad when the assignment was suppose to be done in aforementioned Office (built the basic assignment at home, finished at school).

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I’ve done some browsing of the ExpertRating web page. I’m officially concerned.

(found in the sitemap):


Guess what! You can still take that ‘Windows 95/98’ test for 9.99!

(and found this in the TOS):


I must laugh, lest I cry.

I remember asking them on the announcement page in the comments about how many testing services they went through before settling on Expert Rating. Response: crickets I got no response which meant they just chose who they thought was a good fit.

Besides, this is the same testing company used by another platform before they did away with them and testing altogether.

A summation of my Fiverr experience thus far: every tale of immigration to a ‘land of opportunities’ ever.