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My Response rate keep decresing


Hi Everyone,
1 week ago my response rate is decreasing to 93% from 100% and now it keep decreasing to 87%
As I know, every conversation I have, I always reply very fast from PC and Android Fiverr Apps.

Never late more than 30 mins, usually always response very fast, and why is it this rate keep decreasing? anyone know something? is this glitch or something?

I just start active in fiverr about 1 month, 5 February. And always active in offering my gig and responding to any conversation.

Please help me, I afraid it keep decreasing.


Hi there, yes it´s a glitch, if you want to read more about it, use the search function of the forum, top right and type in ‘Response Rate’, you can spend the rest of your days reading about it then. :wink:
According to, like, everyone, your options are 1) just live with it, 2) tell Customer Support, or 3) add it to the fiverrcast relaunch question page, in form of a question, mind you. Or all of that or neither. You decide.


did you mean, everyone have this problem??? and not fixed by Fiverr team???

Yes I have contact fiverr support.

is this rate will go down until no time response in my profile??? I de very fast response and this I get :frowning:


If you read what other people wrote, you´ll know what I mean. Chances that your rate goes down that much are slim, but if you already contacted Customer Support, there´s not much more you can do then anyway, other than maybe, post your issue in ‘Bugs’ and on fiverrcast questions I linked.
Don´t worry and wait for Customer Support’s reply.


Okay thank you, for your help.


the support help me and have changes my Rate to accurate as 100% :smile: so fast :smiley:
love it.

also Thank for your help miiila.


Nothing to worry about, it will only shows to you to keep an eye on it. It will be back to normal in some days.