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Need Some help from anyone

I am new at the fiverr forum.
Where can I start reading the Fiverr Forum’s post?

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This is fiver Forum and you can use the option by login into forum .See the option up and click on menus , after this you can see option and categories for reading posts etc

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i ever seen . but which category will be helpful for me ?

If you’re new, the fiverr tips category is a good place to start.

This post should tell you what you need to know: Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]


Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.


@esaurfz, why are you copying MY WRITING and make it look as if you wrote it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You may write whatever you might like BUT WITH YOUR OWN WORDS!

DON’T DO THAT AGAIN with me or with no one else in the forum! Thanks! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Extremely sorry for that, I don’t understand as a new member. Actually it’s my mistake. Promise such thing will never happen in future. Forgive me. Thanks again. :pray:

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@esaurfz, apologies accepted. :heart:

Be part of the forum by sharing your thought with other user in your own words.

If you need, you may use google translate to help you write down whatever you would like to say.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Thanks for your awesome suggestion.

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